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  1. The smoke in the distance looks like a train on the horizon, all smoke and mirrors and wishful thinking! A father of a good friend of mine was a chef on the Dublin to Cork train that was at a time when there was a full buffet. His grandmother was a madam on Monague St in Dublin. The Dubliner’s have a song about that place!
    When I worked in advertising and later on in the medical trade as an instrument technician in Dublin, I used to take all the back roads and shortcuts going to work on my motorcycle. Whizzing past cars in seemingly endless bumper to bumper lines. Going down narrow passageways behind old Georgian houses and down tight Victorian lanes. You could shave a good half hour of the journey too! But what I loved about that trip was the narrow lanes, the colour of the trees and the different styles and colours of windows and doors and the antique gates and railings and the patterned tiles.
    Today though my 15 minute commute is at half six in the morning along leafy streets driving into a rising son, low lying mist gradually exposing a distant mountain range in hues of duck egg blues and greens with a tinge of red sometimes almost breath taking!


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