Winter Blues


English weather is what it is. This morning was bright and pleasant. It’s now blowing a gale and chucking down rain. Later it might snow. Or be sunny. Who knows? Last week at Weymouth’s famed beach it looked like a lovely spring day. But most definitely felt like February. The problem is, even come summer, it is still likely to feel like February.


8 thoughts on “Winter Blues

  1. norm says:

    This week in Ohio, we will have snow, sleet and rain, with high winds, no winds and temperatures from 70 down to 10. We have a saying: Wait four hours if you don’t like the weather, it will change. We get wet warm air off the Gulf of Mexico, icy cold off the arctic and now and then, a nor’easter off the Atlantic that causes all hell to break out. Weather is the traditional greeting here.


    • Likewise, our finest import comes from the Gulf of Mexico. We don’t much like winds coming in off the Arctic. But the ones coming from the east always seem the worst. Thanks Russia.


  2. The last time I was in England, two summers ago, I enjoyed unusually nice weather. I had a list of London museums that I was going to visit on the days that it was raining. One day that started overcast I went to the British Museum, but by the time I left the sun was shining. That was the only museum I visited. There were a couple other rainy days, but I was visiting my cousins on those days. Most of the time the weather was lovely. The receptionist at my hotel joked that she wasn’t going to allow me to leave England, since I had brought such good weather!


    • I’ll have a look at that later, at home. But my favourite weather site is Yahoos mobile weather app. Because it features quite a few of my photos. Go to Xochimilco on a sunny day….


  3. I’m not really complaining, because here is FAR better than in Boston, but it has gotten cold and overcast again here, and I’m feeling a smidgen cheated that the weather in CDMX isn’t a more normally pleasant and sunny affair.

    But I feel your pain. Hopefully you can soak up a lot of sunshine when you’re here.


    Kim G
    CDMX, México
    Where people regularly wear overcoats when it’s 65° F outside. Hilarious.


    • I’m looking forward to a good dose of Mexican sunshine. And yes, I used to have a good laugh at people standing around fires in bins at Taxquena in the morning, all wrapped up in arctic gear. But I acclimatised over the years, and found myself a little less tolerant to what is, really, mild weather.

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