The Highland Review

What to say about our short break in the Scottish Highlands? I could write a short essay on the quality of the guest house we stayed at. But I won’t. Suffice it to say that Lochview was wonderful, one of the finest (possibly the finest) guesthouse we have ever had the pleasure of spending a night in. Clean, fabulously comfortable beds, welcoming and helpful hosts and a cracking breakfast for a very reasonable price. Oh, it has terrific views of the loch too.


I could wax lyrical about the train ride from Fort William to Glenfinnan, home of Hogwarts, the Harry Potter viaduct and one of the nicest train stations on the rail network. Complete with a fully operational, if stationary, dining carriage serving up hot coffee, delicious toasties and the obligatory chunk of shortbread. But perhaps I’d bore you, so I’ll stop now.


You might be interested in a full, lengthy review of Loch Shiel cruises. The guy who runs it, Jim, is fantastic. Scottish hospitality at its best. He is ships captain, golden eagle spotter, guide and general all round loch hero rolled into one generously moustachioed Scotsman. But those few words will have to do as far as a review goes. Just take my word for it, book a trip on the MV Sileas with him if you are in the neighbourhood and find out for yourself.


The Scottish Highlands are everything the brochures suggests they are. Perhaps twice as good. In fact, using that logic, pictures in the highlands must be the equivalent of two thousand words each, not the normal one thousand. So what point is there in me trying to write a blog post to describe them in a few thousand words, when I have 51 photos on Flickr for you to look through? That’s basically 100,000 words worth, the average length of a novel. So I won’t waste my time with tawdry words. Click here to see the photos on Flickr.


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