In light of recent events in the UK, I have decided that I must relocate this blog to a new abode. It is with a heavy heart that I make these changes but circumstance does rather dictate the future direction of anything, web sites included.

The website will be moved from servers based in the UK to new state of the art servers in Europe. Paris and Frankfurt are two options currently being examined. The domain name will also need to change, from it’s current home at to Let’s face it, the European audience is an awful lot bigger than the UK audience.

Unfortunately, readers from the UK will need to pay a reasonable monthly membership fee to continue accessing the Mexile. Perhaps just a euro or two per week. I’ll possibly accept dollars. In fact, anything except British pounds and Monopoly money might do. I haven’t really given a moment’s consideration as to whether people will just stop coming round these parts and go somewhere else instead. But I think it’s best to just take the plunge and work out the exact details later. I’m sure people will come round to the idea.

Membership will also be granted on an arbitrary points based system designed to weed out the sickos. And people whose skin isn’t quite my shade of white. We want a certain sort of person here. If I don’t like the cut of your jib, you’re out sonny Jim. However, the shiny new points system may well just weed everyone out by accident. But again, I think it’s just best to change everything willy nilly and see how it goes. What could possibly go wrong? Once again, I have no idea. Not really stopped to think about this part.

In view of the Mexile becoming a European based blog, posts will all be written in French, which is far more appropriate given the new target audience. But just to liven things up, I will also have Slovakian Sundays and Finnish Fridays. Translators will be available for 99p per article. Maybe. Some translator company out there will do a deal with me, I’m sure. Although I haven’t actually asked anyone yet.

You might be wondering when these changes will occur. Don’t worry. For the time being nothing will change. I need to go through  a series of negotiations to get some new contracts signed. They will be more expensive than the current contracts, but that’s a price worth paying for…well, whatever it is that I think I’m doing.  But I will have everything changed over and running smoothly ready for the relaunch of the new, slightly harder to access, and considerably more expensive Mexile on April 1st 2017.


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