Farewell London

Tonight the baton will be passed by London to Rio, and the British capital will no longer be the current Olympic city. It scarcely feels like it was 4 years ago that Mrs P and I took our seats in the Olympic stadium in the revitalised east London borough chosen for the site of the games. It was a fabulous day and, though I may be biased, a fabulous four weeks of sports and entertainment.


One hopes that Rio makes as good a job of it as London. They’ve had their problems, but then don’t all host cities? And when push comes to shove, it all normally works out. I suspect the biggest problem these games will face are the most predictable problems. Armed robberies, muggings, pickpocketing. The organisers have probably missed a trick here, in fact. They could have saved on starting guns and officials, and simply released a few tooled up crooks on to the tracks to get events under way. I reckon we’d have seen a few more personal bests…


The UK have done mightily well over the last two Olympics, and we have high hopes for a successful haul of medals for a third consecutive games. Historically, we’re quite good at the Olympics. Only two countries have ever won more medals than Team GB and one of them, the USSR, doesn’t exist anymore. In Beijing we strolled off with 47 medals (15 golds) and at London 2012 we upped that to 65 (29 golds). The target this time round, promoted as a feasible one by the British team, will be to surpass the London tally. I expect they’ll be reasonably happy if they manage to beat their achievements in Beijing.


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