Notting Hill Carnival

I’ve grown to really enjoy taking photos with my iPhone. More so than I do taking photos with my Fuji. I guess there’s a couple of reasons for this. My iPhone is a more convenient tool. It’s more instant, in that snaps are sent straight to the cloud and are ready for processing and sharing straightaway. The quality in good light is also excellent these days. I’m really looking forward to seeing what advances the iPhone 7 will bring when it’s revealed on September 7th. And, of course I will be pre-ordering when it is made available. I’m really, really hoping that 16:9 perspective shooting will be possible in the native camera app.


I’m often left feeling a bit disappointed by my Fuji when I’m out and about. That’s because the rear LCD is not anywhere near Retina quality and the photos I take never look too good when I review them in-camera. There’s no instant gratification. It’s always a different story when I get home and can see what I’ve got on a computer screen. I thought I’d wasted my time entirely at the Notting Hill carnival, photography wise. Now I’ve had a chance to sift through the shots and process them, there’s a few I quite like.


Notting Hill carnival is, apparently, the world’s second biggest, after Rio. It’s known for it’s music, Caribbean street food and costumes. By day it’s a riot of color. By night, it’s sometimes just a riot. Sadly. There were a record number of arrests this year and the police federation are upset at the rising number of violent attacks its members are subjected to and a general increase in crime. The organizers point out that the crime figures have gone up largely due to the banning of previously legal drugs and the way in which crimes are recorded.


Which is true? Probably a bit of both. But I suspect that the residents would be better placed to answer. If you could speak to them. But they all securely board up their properties, which makes conversation difficult. Which in itself probably answers the question you might have wanted to ask. But then, if you knew the roots of this carnival, its links to civil rights and many a disturbance (aka riot) in days gone by, and its relevance to the lives of today’s residents…well, you might not have needed to ask the question in the first place.


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