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I Broke My Blog

Again. Since moving over from to, my blog has been broken numerous times. Two or three occasions were down to a plugin being hacked. It was almost certainly hacked just the once, but it took more than one go at reinstating the blog to fix the problem. On another two or three occasions, the blog simply shut down and disappeared for no good reason. Which left me with more time consuming repair work to do.

A couple of weeks ago, I rashly tried to fix an issue via a file manager. It didn’t work and I lost all the images attached to blog posts going back nearly a year. A proper pain the butt. Last week, the site went down again. For no apparent reason once more. I bodged another repair job and lost all my posts going back to March of last year.

The castle in the photo above is Eilean Donan, near the Kyle of Lochalsh on the west coast of Scotland. It’s the most famous little castle that you’ve never heard of, regularly featuring in movies. Highlander and James Bonds’ Skyfall are two of the best known. The castle was once an important fortress before the English came along and blew it up. It lay in ruins for a couple of centuries before being lovingly restored to its former glory. We’ve just returned from a trip out there to see it.

It’s an inspirational castle, and I have taken note. I will rebuild my little blog. But I will rebuild it out of sterner stuff. I have moved back to I loved the theme I had on and loved the flexibility of the open platform. But I am truly done with the messing about. If you have my blog on an RSS feed, you may notice a sudden deluge of posts as I upload a years worth of blogging over the next few days. Or weeks. Or months. We’ll see…


2 thoughts on “I Broke My Blog

  1. I really like the picture of the castle. Glad that you are back. I recently started a new blog on I had problems with my old free one on WordPress. Must admit that I am going through a learning curve as it is as different as day and night.
    Good luck on being able to manage your blog.


  2. Thanks Rich. Managing a blog on is as easy as pie. Which is one of its charms and why I’m back. Although I do begrudge having to pay £30 to be able to add my domain. It used to be a third of the price. To be fair, adding a domain is no longer a singular option as it once was. Now you have to buy a plan. At least the cheapest plan removes the ads.


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