To Search For A Myth

To go to Inverness and not search for the most famous aquatic monster on earth would be lunacy. To expect to find it would be equally mad. But one can enjoy the boat ride up Loch Ness, peer into the deep black water just in case, but otherwise enjoy the fresh air and the scenery. April in the Scottish Highlands is bright and bearable, but expect stiff winds and sudden chills. On a boat, expect those to be amplified. Wrap up warm. We did.


I did have a pressing question though that needed an answer. Which of the two famous train lines through the Scottish Highlands is truly the best. Some have suggested that the Inverness to Kyle of Lochalsh line is the prettier. It would need to be mighty pretty to beat the West Highland line that Mrs P and I rode on last year, running from Fort William to Mallaig on the east coast.


I’ve now ridden both and can report back. For me, there is a clear winner. The West Highland line, with its dramatic mountain background, the beautiful stop off point at Glenfinnan and picture perfect lakes. But that’s not to say that the scenery between Inverness and Lochalsh isn’t pretty. It is. Very. Click here for my photos on Flickr.


However, en route to Kyle of Lochalsh, we did manage to solve one of the oldest mysteries known to man. We observed a phenomenon that has befuddled civilisations immemorial. The Irish are convinced the answer would be a leprechaun. Die hard capitalists are convinced its a pot of gold. Peter Quilter will tell you its Judy Garland. They’re all wrong. It’s clearly a black *VW Toureg.



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