Mexico City

Happy Easter

Mrs P has now been in the UK as long as I was in Mexico. Time goes so fast, does it not? It no longer feels like I was living in Mexico was just yesterday. But there’s nothing like an old video to bring back the happy memories. Easter is not quite the event in the UK that it is in Mexico. Certainly, you’ll not see any barbaric Mid East executions recreated in my Bournemouth ‘hood. Who would ever have thought that to be a bad thing? And yet it is. Easter just isn’t Easter anymore unless I get to see someone nailed up. I’ll have to make do watching this video, filmed in Culhuacan by myself, probably about six years ago. Enjoy.


2 thoughts on “Happy Easter

  1. Thanks for sharing Gary, living in Canada now Golgotha feels very far away. Easter has become a Hallmark Holliday with little to link it to its religious past. It’s as if paganism has come full circle with only the monitory side being at the forefront.
    In Ireland we wore our religion on our sleeve, in a lapel on St Patrick’s Day and popped into church on Christmas Day. But Mexico lives the religion, everywhere you go there are miniature grottos to Our Lady, pictures of the Madonna on tiles on street corners and statuettes of the Virgin of Guadalupe with rosaries around her neck.
    In a way I miss the old days but rarely did we get the fire and brimstone sermons just the polite begging ones looking for money for foreign missions and the church is just a sad reminder of what we did to those pagan souls in nearly every country touched by Christendom.

    With that note I hope you and Mrs P have a wonderful Easter and continue to amaze us with your wizardry through the lens of your camera 😉

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