Historic Houses Association

Historic Houses Association Discount

I have a top tip. Before you buy anything, join anything or go anywhere, type the object of your desire into Google and add the word ‘discount’, ‘voucher’ or ‘coupon’. Or all three. It often works wonders. The number of 2 for 1 offers and their ilk that I have found over the years has saved me a small fortune. Here’s a good example…

I’ve been a member of the National Trust before. But I really have seen everything worth seeing within a 100 mile radius of my home. And quite a few places beyond that. There is a rival organisation, of sorts. The Historic Houses Association. We’ve already been to a few. Athelhampton in Dorchester and Minterne Gardens (photo above) are two nearby places.

It turns out that members of the Telegraph newspaper get a 33% discount on annual HHA membership. What a bargain. I know what you’re thinking, hopefully. What sort of muppet would fork out hard earned cash for a dastardly Tory rag peddling tripe seven days a week? Not me, you’ll be pleased to hear. However, as a BT Sport customer, I can claim a six month free digital subscription of the Telegraph. Two deals for the price of none.


8 thoughts on “Historic Houses Association Discount

    • The Telegraph does have a few things in its favour. It’s not the Daily Mail. It’s not the Daily Express. It’s not the Sun. I don’t mind a bit of right of centre journalism though. But I prefer the Times. I am, in fact, a paying subscriber.


    • Incidentally Steve, HHA members get free access to a small and humble pad very close to your old stamping grounds. You may have heard of it. Blenheim Palace. It’s top of our ‘To Visit’ list. It’s been 35 years since last I went. This will be one of those rare occasions where one both hopes and expects that not too much has changed…


  1. norm says:

    What sort of muppet would fork out hard earned cash for a dastardly Tory rag peddling tripe seven days a week?

    Nice string of words.


  2. I might enjoy a visit to one or two historic houses in Colonia Condesa, CDMX, if such a tour were offered.
    http://tinyurl.com/lxytg48 for example.
    As a child, my parents took us on a tour of a large manse in Toronto, Canada. It was quite boring to me at that age. The exception was the “secret passage” hidden behind a wall panel.

    Don Cuevas


    • I imagine stately homes would have bored me as a kid. Fortunately, my parents stuck mostly to castles as far as I remember. The more ruined they were, the better.

      There’s an awful lot of hidden history in CDMX that’s ripe for opening up to paying tourists.


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