R.I.P. Bob

Bob the turtle, once a regular feature of this blog, died on Saturday 22nd April 2017. She had lunch in the warm spring sunshine of Mexico City and then quietly passed away. Cause of death? Life. Turtles are simple like that. Autopsies aren’t really their thing.

Bob and the gang had many turtlesque adventures which Mrs P and I enjoyed. We’re sad to hear of her passing. But also glad that, at nearly 12 years of age, she had such a long, eventful and happy life. Most turtles bought in pet shops in Mexico City are lucky to make it much past 12 days.

Bob’s most enchanting feature was her trust in me. All the other turtles learned to trust, or at least tolerate, me. But Bob trusted me from day one. These are naturally timid creatures who will instintively plunge into water to hide at the first sign of anything unusual. Bob would stay on her rock, or swim over to me, allow herself to be picked up and would happily feed from my hand.

Rest in peace Bob. You were a good turtle.


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