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What’s In A Name?

I have uploaded 15,819 photos to my Flickr account over an eleven year period. Although some were taken before I joined up with Flickr but were uploaded later. Say, about a thousand images. Or less. At the time of writing, my photos have been viewed a total of 1,140,466 times. Which suggests I should probably have used Flickr as my blog, not WordPress.

A lot of my photos are pretty mediocre. At  best. And by ‘a lot’, I mean the majority. There are some shots in there that I’m pretty happy with though. But of all all those near 16,000 photos, the three images above are my most viewed photos. From left to right, ‘Naked Lady’, ‘Saxy Girl’ and ‘French Maid Barbie’. It seems to me that most Flickrites are just after one thing. Although the popularity of my fourth most viewed image is more disturbing. ‘The Guillotine’.


4 thoughts on “What’s In A Name?

  1. Of course that faux pas made me forget to congratulate you on your vast photo collection on Flickr and I shot the messenger. Perhaps there are some photos that might not be up to scratch but looking through them I bet you see a progression of maturity where your more recent ones are better composed or perhaps displayed. But the quality or clarity is now superior than in the past. Of course the upside is that you took them in the first place and they serve as a memento. When I worked in advertising I was guided somewhat in improving the subject matter and properly setting up a shot but very often with a fixed lens you have to aim and hope for the best.
    At one time I always wore a camera, but these days the phone works very well.


    • I’d like to think my ability to frame a shot has improved over the years. But its sure safe to say that the technology available and the cameras I’ve bought have improved hugely. But you’re right. Every photo is a memory. Some hazier than others.

      And the quality of photos shot through a top end mobile phone is now pretty decent, especially if in good light. I regularly leave my camera at home, happy to use my iPone instead.


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