Spring Has Sprung

It’s remarkable what a few days of warmer temperatures and a blue sky can do to the English landscape. Previously barren branches and sullen bushes burst into a kaleidoscope of brilliant greens. Empty flower beds cast off their soiled brown uniforms, sprouting every other colour of the rainbow. Fallen cherry blossom provides a sprinking of white and pink for the lush green grass that the country is so famous for. And the rays of the sun, absent for so so long,  casts a warm comforting glow on everything they touch.

Churches and they graveyards make for a pleasant stroll. You might even sit a while and enjoy the peaceful tranquility. But one wouldn’t want to be a permanent resident. Not just yet. It is also that time of year that has me dreaming of life on a houseboat. Either on a quiet stretch of river or a bustling section of London’s canal system. Both would suit me fine. But it’s very much a seasonal dream.

The change in weather also marks the end of six months of entertaining ourselves indoors. Now we can venture out to seek new adventures and explore new places. Our new HHA membership cards will be well used if all goes to plan.

The top two photos were both taken in Christchurch, famous for it’s elderly conservative populationwho keep the graveyards well stocked. The lower photo was taken near Kings Cross train station,  once famed for its seedy neighbourhoods full of ladies of the night. Now a scene of a huge amount of regeneration work that has transformed the area into a far more family friendly hood. My iPhone was responsible for all of the shots.


2 thoughts on “Spring Has Sprung

  1. Great photographs, all. I am kind of envious as all we are seeing here in Patzcuaro, Michoacan are forest fires and the smoke and soot from farmers burning their fields. So until the rains come, I hope very soon, our vista is of smoke and haze. Our flower spring forth close to October when will see fields of wildflowers of many colors.


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