This weeks Throw Back Thursday photo comes from Singapore, 2002. I trekked across Malaysia and down into Singapore for a couple of wonderful weeks, shooting along the way with my Nikon Coolpix 880. Terrific little camera it was, if a little pricey. Memory cards were also pricey. I think I has a 256mb Compact Flash card that probably cost a third of what the camera cost. A quick bit of research suggests it would have cost $150 or so dollars for that card in the US. I don’t know what the coast was in the UK, but at the turn of the millennium there was quite a price difference between the US and the UK.

I can tell you that 256mb doesn’t hold a whole load of photos. Especially when you need to capture a fortnights worth of holiday. Less than a hundred photos. I know that at the end of the trip, once safely home, I ended up with 63 photos worthy of keeping. That’s not a lot for fourteen days in somewhere as photogenic as Malaysia and Singapore.

I can tell you another thing about 2002. I backed up all my photos onto CD. I hope I still have it, because along the way, the digital copies on my computer were lost, and I was left with some low resolution copies (640pixels wide) that make up my two albums on Flickr. When I find the CD, I’ll have to look for a way of getting that linked up to a computer. I don’t have a CD or DVD drive in the house. Why would I? It’s 2017…


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