Little Bredy

It’s been a while since I’ve had a ‘Meet the Author’ post. For the avoidance of doubt that’s me in the foreground. I currently hold multiple roles at the Mexile, including writer, web developer, photographer and teaboy. I have a few more grey hairs than last time you saw me. But only a few. More importantly, I do still have a full head of hair. No signs of a crown developing. Nor is my hair line receding. I’ve always had a spacious forehead.

In the background is the Mrs P. Her involvement stretches solely to granting permission for me to have a little computer time to publish rubbish like this. And she works as a part-time model for Mexile Photography now and then. I’m not convinced, however, that there is much of a public demand for this type of post. So let’s move on to something more pleasant to look at than my mug.

Little Bredy is a picturesque hamlet in deepest, greenest Dorset. Wikipedia describes it as a small village, which I find objectionable. Technically, a small village is a hamlet. But if you were to ever visit Little Bredy, I suspect that you would also consider the word ‘village’, no matter how it is quantified, to be overplaying it just a tad. Equally, I suspect the residents, who must be well outnumbered by ex-residents in the church graveyard, would prefer their ‘hood to be referred to as a hamlet. It exudes a quaint sense of a long lost England that adds a few percent on property prices.

Little Bredy is a Brexiteers paradise. It’s the green and pleasant land spoken of in Blake’s Jerusalem. They buy their fuit and veg in imperial pounds. Mention kilograms and some poor sod will soon be identified as the offending Mr O’Gram and be done away with. They turned out in pretty decent numbers for UKIP in 2015. And you can bet your last thrupenny bit that there’s more than one household in the hamlet who’d be out with a shotgun if there was a loose dog worrying some sheep. Or a person of colour worrying…well, a person of colour in Little Bredy would be considered worrying enough.

No, I am really not going to let this Brexit thing go. Not this year. Definitely not next year. And probably not for any of the remaining years in the current century.


2 thoughts on “Little Bredy

  1. Is Little Bredy pronounced breedy or bready, just curious mind? Mousehole is pronounced mauszol!

    While having hair has its merits, having to have it cut is the down side.. ha ha just kidding I started to lose mine and when I was as in my early 20’s.


    • I didn’t stop and ask a local. And to be honest, the only locals I came across were residents in the graveyard. A thoroughly non-talkative bunch they were too. But we all went with ‘breedy’, as in reproduction. I’m pretty sure that’s the correct pronunciation.

      My brother, a few years younger than I, was a silver fox before he was 30. #winning

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