London Krishna

Much like Mexico City’s Zocalo, you never quite know what you’ll find in Trafalgar Square. Only that you’re more likely to find something rather than nothing. Be it a protest or cultural fair, baying mobs or love and hugs. Yesterday was all love and hugs. The Hare Krishnas were in town, painting kids faces, strumming sitars, giving out leaflets, chanting chants and feeding the masses with a Krishna feast.We aren’t Krishna commune members, but a free plate of food is hard to turn away. I don’t entirely know what it was, but it was tasty and we enjoyed their hospitality. But suffice to say we will probably steer clear of next week’s fair – Jihadi Jambalaya probably won’t go down so easily.


6 thoughts on “London Krishna

  1. Looking at your photo, I was drawn to the right hand bottom corner to the woman in the sari walking with her cell phone in her hand. The past and the present mingling to some extent. Anyway I thought I’d have a gander on the web looking at Hare Krishna. I first noticed them in Dublin in the mid to late sixties on Saturdays and Sundays when some friends and I went into town with little else to do but check out stuff for sale in the flea markets, incense and patchouli and music drifted about. Pot was a banned substance but was still available to some. The Hare Krishna could be seen on Grafton Street and O’Connell Street, the main drags of Dublin. I don’t remember how many there were but they appeared to be happy if a little mindless and people generally didn’t appear to be unkind to them. It was still the sixties and love was in the air.

    Anyway I was webcrawling and came across this fellow. He and a friend were studying at Stanford and when at a loose end they joined the Krishna’s. He stayed with them for seventeen years and grew disenchanted with the movement and then left. He has since become interested in art and photography and is writing a book.


    • My introduction to Hare Krishnas goes back to the late 80s. There was a large-ish commune next to my school in Hertfordshire, which had a reasonable degree of fame attached to it thanks to the fact it was paid for by George Harrison. They were entirely harmless. The most boisterous I ever saw them getting was when a van of them stopped to quack at a duck…

      Thanks for the link, I’ll have a read this afternoon during the quiet spells at work!


  2. Glad to see that your sense of humor has not been lost. Patzcuaro’s plaza by no means can be compared to the Zocalo! But I have seen Krishna types suddenly appear. Often the indigenous dancers give a really good show of ancient dances. But the tourist dollar has invaded, and many of those special sporadic events seem more like a controlled contrivance to get the tourist dollar, and now too, the Euro. Oh well!
    I am no longer adventurous enough to sample just any street food. And, I cannot blame you for not been too keen to that Jambalaya.
    A fun read. Keep them coming!


  3. Hare Krishna!! Krishna is the ninth avatar of Lord Vishnu who is said to be the purna avatar(complete) . Such an avatar has not happened in the past nor will it happen in future. He is the complete avatar as he presented the humanity with absolute truth in Bhagvad Gita.


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