Punting in Cambridge

We picked up a punt from Scudamore’s that we’d pre-booked online for 90 mins the day before. You save a little money that way. About a fiver. And 90 minutes is plenty enough time. Or so says I, the punter in chief. The puntees might have liked a little longer to quaff a bit more prosecco and binge on a few more strawberries.

Punting is harder than it looks. And it likely will look easy at first glance. Because first glance will be of punts hired with an experienced punter – presumably a Cambridge student earning beer money. I successfully reversed our punt before performing two embarrassingly slow and cringe worthy full circles. I then managed to get going in roughly the right direction, albeit at a 35 degree angle that took me straight into an embankment.

It is possible that I provoked a few guffaws (and in Cambridge, it will be guffawing, not the common chuckle) from viewers on the bridge. But in my defence, I was not the only person who struggled with the learning curve. But I soon picked it up. Buy the time my ninety minutes was up I had two overtaking manoeuvres to my name. I’ll call that winning. Real winning. Not Donald Trump winning.


2 thoughts on “Punting in Cambridge

  1. It looks idyllic. Probably hasn’t changed much since the thirteen hundreds, just pulling your leg.
    It is fun though propelling yourself, a push here a prod there and it is hard work. It really gets those abs, shoulders and arms working and while messing about in boats can be fun you can be at the mercy of many another in the chuckleverse!

    I had a punt once and not a green one either! One of my Uncles made it from marine grade plywood with oak and teak trim. He was the captain of the early Granuaile (sounds like Grainne whale without the w). It took four of us huffing and puffing to lift the **** thing off the roof rack and then once put to sea or river only two of us could be in it literally with water at the gunwale. So any swell what so ever and I would be scooping water out of it. We eventually used it as a flowerbed, Davy Jones other locker!


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