#TBT The Forever Traveller

I’m looking forward to our trip to India later this year. But today I’m looking back on my trip to Sri Lanka. I spent two fabulous weeks there in the spring of 2003. Whenever I look at travel photos, books or programs, I become a little wistful. I’d usually rather be there than here. But one can’t easily be a permanent traveller.

Except, some actually do manage it. On the day this photo was taken, at an elephant sanctuary near Kandy, I met just one such fellow. He’d inherited a house, presumably from parents or perhaps grandparents. He’d let it out to renters and travelled on the monthly income. At that point, he’d been roaming the world for just over a decade. Maybe he is still out there, still exploring, still spending that rental income frugally.

Besides a regular monthly income, he had one other vital attribute. He was single. It does make life on the road a lot easier. To be honest, he was quite a dull chap, which may be as much a reason for his single status as his lifestyle. He had another attribute, which I’d regard as less suitable for an eternal traveller. I’ll put it this way. If he had a blog, and I doubt very much he has, it would almost certainly be titled, “Places In The World Where I Did Get Most Stoned.”


4 thoughts on “#TBT The Forever Traveller

  1. Back in the ’70’s and early 80’s I did a fair bit of solo travelling by motorcycle combination, mainly in France, Spain and England. Not foreign travel per se but a hop across the pond to ride that ribbon of life we call the road, Calvados for breakfast or crepes and frites for lunch or stopping at a local food stall at the side of the road and sampling a taste of the local vino! Sometimes with a pal but more often not. But I did find it a lonely pursuit but you do get to meet interesting people and I’ve had a few scrapes along the way. The greatist advantage though is not having to answer to a committee! If you want to go to a particular cathedral no problem even if it is on an island off the coast or stop to visit a small museum of rope knots or keys and locks. So much to see.. I wonder if are they still there?

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    • There is no better way to meet people than by travelling solo. My first trip alone came not long after a trip to Thailand with a good fried. We had a great time in Thailand, but it was clear by day two that we each had slightly different holidays in mind.

      I was ‘forced’ to go to Malaysia in November 2001 by myself on count of all friends having used up their holiday allowance. But after that trip, I failed to ever again invite anyone along on one of my trips. Holidays are too short to be spent in committee!

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  2. I am heading off to Singapore, Thailand, India, Oman, Dubai, Jordan, Israel, Greece, and Spain next year — assuming some of those countries have not gone to war with one another by then. You mentioned being single is a great advantage for the semi-permanent traveler. It is. But so is the lack of pets. Barco’s death has freed me to return to my peripatetic life.

    By the way, that photograph looks as if you are attending a Republican convention.


    • That’s a lengthy list of destinations – I’m assuming a cruise or two are in the offing? I’ll beat you to India. But I haven’t quite figured out what next year holds for us travel wise. Spain, almost certainly. But perhaps Mexico is again close to top of the list. Jordan appeals too. And I’ve always fancied the Philippines….

      And yes. What a GOP convention it was. Look at them all, so happy splashing about in their swamp! The schools break up soon, and the donkeys will be in town to offer kids rides on the beach. And to offer me the chance to publish something to ensure I’m offering balanced and impartial political content…. 🙂


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