Lymington Italia Festival

Lymington is a lovely little town. It sits by the sea with a little harbour and has got plenty of history. It’s a place where rich folk come to retire. It’s Brexitlandia. But we must forgive them that at least once a year, when they permit an influx of immigrant automobiles that have come to the UK to seek a forever home. What is not to like about a parade of several dozen Ferraris. Just Ferraris, mind you. Lymington is rather picky when it comes to what type of immigrants settle here. There are no bad hombres here. No sir. Lamborghinis, Maseratis and Bugattis can jolly well do one. Click here for the full photo album on Flickr.


3 thoughts on “Lymington Italia Festival

  1. I had a gander at the high end homes in Lymington for sale just as comparisons to equivalent homes here. Although our $ is shall we say a little thinner than your £ prices are “similar”. Of course many of your homes are older and made of brick compared to our wooden ones. On the other hand homes here are well insulated, have large rooms and are made of cedar, oak and other woods. Here is a link to realtors covering the Uplands and Oak Bay areas of Victoria where most of the plus million dollar homes are.

    The cost of food is a different matter, it appears cheaper over there except for the actual cost after conversion makes it a bit more expensive. £100 is roughly $170 Canadian


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