Just Because

One should look up once in a while. Just in case. I have no idea what’s going on here. Just another day strolling the streets of Malaga.


3 thoughts on “Just Because

  1. Have you seen this short film, I believe it starts with a young boy in class, he is wearing a uniform perhaps he is in boarding school and the head master or his secretary comes in and whispers to the class master and he glances up and then the boy is approached and he is brought to the headmasters office. He is made sit down and then the headmaster tells him his father has had an accident abroad and has died.
    His father had been walking along a busy street and a balcony collapsed three floors up and a huge pig fell on him.
    The boy is traumatised his class mates laughing behind his back.
    It’s strange I know, I don’t remember what the film was called but this reminds me of that film


    • I have not seen that film! But I suspect that it would hurt if one of the creatures in the photo took a dive on to someone.

      I have seen a Fish Called Wanda, of course. But there are no pianos in this shot to cause concern…


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