#TBT A City Icon

Most cities have an architectural landmark that is appropriated as an icon. More often than not, it’s a tower of sorts or at least something that towers over the surrounding area. London has the Elizabeth Tower. Paris the Eiffel Tower. New York, the Empire State Building. And Mexico City has the Angel of Independence. A golden lady with a generous bust and Red Bull style wings over-looking the metropolis from a lofty perch. Her image is used on taxis, tourist literature and all sorts of official and unofficial emblems.

The photo is one I took in July 2010, seven years ago. My sixth but final July in Mexico City. It took me that long before I got around to actually going up to the narrow balcony at the feet of the angel. It’s a long way up, and a long way down. The angel made the downward trip as a result of an earthquake in the 50s. It left her with a pretty squashed head. Which is why the angel you see today is actually Angel 2.0.

If you don’t like heights, you won’t enjoy your time at the top. It is a very narrow balcony. The floor is a little slick and the railings don’t inspire much confidence. I don’t like heights. I couldn’t get back down fast enough. But not so fast that I couldn’t get this photo.


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