Planning for Your Next Family Vacation? How About Maldives?

Are you planning for your next family vacation but not sure where to go? How about exploring a whole new world that is popular for its clear waters, white sandy beaches, amazing water sports and 5-star resorts? If you’re convinced, start packing your bags to head towards a paradise in the Indian Ocean, Maldives, a tropical nation, composed of 26 ring-shaped atolls, made up of more than 1,000 coral islands and renowned for its natural beauty.

A fact that might catch your attention about the Maldives is that this tiny, remote location has been recognized as the Indian Ocean’s Leading Destination, Indian Ocean’s Leading Beach Destination and Indian Ocean’s Leading Dive Destination at the World Travel Awards Indian Ocean Gala Ceremony 2017.

According to the statistics revealed by The Ministry of Tourism of the Maldives, in January 2017, with a total of 125,336, the number of tourists visiting the nation increased by 16%, as compared to 108,396 tourists during the same period of time the previous year. The increase of 23% in tourists coming from China made a major contribution to Maldives Tourism.

Experts at Cruxton Travel, a travel portal that eases booking tickets and accommodation across multiple destinations worldwide and offering all inclusive holiday packages to the Maldives, say that being surrounded by the blue ocean, the climate of Maldives remains splendid throughout the year, making it a perfect destination to spend time with family and friends and participate in various types of water sports.

A Word about the Beaches

Those who love beaches will never be disappointed in their holidays to the Maldives, which is home to nearly 1,200 beaches. What makes these beaches the best in the world is the luminous cyan-blue waters and whiter-than-white powder sand. The granules of sand are much softer in some of the Maldives beaches than anywhere else on the planet, which attracts million of visitors every year to the island nation. Hul Hulhumale, Veligandu Island, Reethi, Cocoa Island, Vabbinfaru Island and Nika Island beaches are the prominent choices for couples looking forward for some quality time. The best part is that there are great options for cheap hotels in and cheap flights to Maldives too.

A look into the underwater world
If you are all set to meet turtles, sharks and even the world’s largest fish, the whale shark, while swimming along with the schools of brightly coloured tropical fish, the underwater world in the Maldives is the place you should be. The best part is that there is no need to wear a wetsuit as the water is warm enough. Here are five ways you can explore the underwater world to the fullest.

  • Scuba diving: An underwater activity that in which the swimmer uses a self-contained underwater breathing apparatus also known as scuba, to let you breathe underwater, is a great way to explore the aquatic life. Maldives offer hundreds of dive centers and schools where you can learn the skill of scuba diving.
  • Underwater Scooter: Powered by electric a battery, the scooter was originally created to provide the scuba diving experience to virtually anyone, without the need for training or experience. The scooter has a self-contained breathing environment, making breathing easy for the diver.
  • Snorkeling: This activity is available to everyone, beginners and veterans alike. You don’t even need to be an expert swimmer to try snorkeling, as it is the beauty of the sea that will drive you.
  • Underwater Spa: Did you know that the first underwater spa in the world was created in the Maldives? In this spa, you get to sit in glass-walled underwater treatment rooms, with a panoramic view of the underwater world, while you get treated with indigenous lime, island coconut and mineral oils for complete relaxation.

Glass bottom boat rides and underwater restaurants are some of the other water activities that allow you to embrace Maldives’ underwater beauty. If you too are planning your next holidays to Maldives, make sure to enquire about cheap hotels and cheap flight tickets beforehand.


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