The Globalists

Parts made in the United Kingdom and Mexico. Assembled in the United States of America. Hecho en 2008, in Bush’s presidency. In what transpired to be the good old days. A one of a kind product, many borders crossed and still going strong nine years later. The seven year itch was met and passed without incident. Only one more year till we reach double figures.Happy anniversary to us!


8 thoughts on “The Globalists

  1. Happy anniversary to you both!
    Carmel and I will raise a glass to you at the weekend wishing you good health and happiness!
    Marriage works for some people and for others not so, we’ve been married for over thirty years but it doesn’t feel that long. I was shopping for a present for another girl the day I met her. Two countries and two children later and we are still together. A slice of life, a glass of wine and a house full of laughter that’s the way we roll.


    • Good health, happiness and laughter is the only way to roll, amigo. Thirty years sounds like a life time to me. Well, two thirds of a life time. Sounds like you two have all the right ingredients!

      Thank you for your toast!

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  2. norm says:

    I’m happy for you two.
    Linda and I were married in 77 so 40 this year and this month as a matter of fact.

    The marriage contract is a wonderful thing. One should think long and hard about signing that paper and much harder and longer should one decide to break the marriage contract. The better or worse clause is my favorite, it says it all.
    Congratulations Gary, many many more.


    • Forty years?! You and Colm are making Mrs P and I feel quite the inadequate newbies at this marriage lark! You clearly win the biggest congratulations of 2017 though. The Ruby anniversary, quite a special one. Although it does make the Queen’s and Prince Phil’s marriage look quite the achievement.

      We’ve had a few betters and a few worses. Mostly betters though, which is the name of this game.



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