That Brexit Moment

We encounter Brexit moments all the time. Mrs P and I were faced with one just the other day when walking along the Regents canal. As you approach Angel, one is faced with a choice. You can take the ramp up and off the tow path into a well heeled residential road or one can plunge into the rather murky waters and enter the tunnel. Where does the tunnel emerge? How long is it? What will one find on the other side? How many water borne diseases will you have contracted by the time you get there? Is it really worth the freaking effort to find out?

If you voted Leave, then undoubtedly you’ll be taking the dip. After all, you’ve been promised that, without a shadow of a doubt, Narnia is on the other side. Or the Land of Milk and Honey. Depending on which brand of Leave nonsense you subscribe to. Either way, you’ll be fine. The water might look murky but it was in fact blessed by Saint Nigel of the Farage who spat in it three times. You’ve jumped in, but notice something straight away. There is no fucking light at the end of this tunnel. Not even a distant speck. But don’t worry yourself. Saint Nigel said it’s an easy swim. On you go.

As much as I’d like to think that I am the only resource, the sole authority, that you would ever need on all matters pertaining to Brexit, I do appreciate that some of you might want to seek further opinion. You might even feel that I occasionally display bias. It is even possible that you may even detect a slightly bitter edge to my commentary. In which case, I highly recommend listening to James O’Brien’s radio show. And on Twitter you could follow Steve Analyst.

I know what you are thinking. I’ve provided two pro-Remain sources. Where is the balance? This has been one of the problems with the whole Brexit debate for years. Too many news organisations giving voice to right-wing nationalists on the supposition that this provides ‘balance’. It doesn’t. If you were having a conversation about ‘tips on having a successful marriage’, you probably wouldn’t invite a wife beater to join in the debate. No matter how  witty his quips on how best to injure a woman without leaving obvious marks.


2 thoughts on “That Brexit Moment

  1. I share your pain! Oh, sorry I was thinking of a Star trek episode for some unknown reason. It is so true that one does not need to be “fair and balanced”. I we feel strongly and/or passionate about some topic, we should not have to share the platform with some naysayer. The fair and balanced approach has been embraced by many US twenty-four hour news channels. They almost fall when bending over backward to accommodate some nuts on the extreme or alt right guest. I am not British but I do agree with your views on seeing some of the errors of the Brexit supporters.

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