The Best Job In The World

This week is a week of anniversaries. Today marks two years since I started working with a train operator as a ticket office clerk. As far as I’m concerned, it’s the best job in the world*. Why is this so? The pay is fantastic for the job I perform. But the pay is not why my job is the best in the world. The benefits are great too. We’ve made great use of free and heavily discounted rail travel. But that’s not why my job is the best in the world. There’s a very good final salary based pension at the end of it. Which is nice. But that’s still not the reason.

My job is the best in the world because I enjoy it. Don’t get me wrong, if they stop paying me, I’ll stop turning up. But there’s nothing to beat a job you enjoy. I work in a stress free, blame free environment. I have a job to do and I get on with it. That most of my colleagues have been in their jobs for 10, 20, 30, even 40+ years is evidence enough that we have a decent employer. I have found my pot of gold at the end of the employment rainbow.

Most industries could learn a lot from the railways. Instead of trying to wring the last ounce of blood from their ‘team’ for the sake of a productivity spreadsheet, and instead of paying the minimum amount that they can get away with, they could try the railway approach. The gain in expertise, loyalty and a minimal staff turnover pays dividends.

* Obviously, apart from being a professional footballer.


7 thoughts on “The Best Job In The World

  1. Gary it’s great to have a job that you like and the benefits are a massive bonus. I once was a self employed mechanic and at one time I had so much work that I could have worked from dawn to dusk and all through the night. There were years where I worked twelve to fourteen and more hour days and enjoyed almost every moment of it but it all fell asunder when I chose to start dating. Dirty hands and perfumed bodies don’t always blend too well. Eventually through trial and error I found “the one” and the rest is herstory. Then the complaints of “I didn’t marry you to spend all this time on my own” came into being and so I gave up mile lifelong love for another and got a humdrum uninspiring safe job. It is difficult to mix business and pleasure when one is rather filthy and the other is the obverse!

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    • Mine is not the sort of job that dirties hands. But it does involve shift work, which doesn’t entirely thrill Mrs P. The overtime I do doesn’t always go down a bomb either, especially a Sunday shift. Sunday is my one set day off each week, but the overtime rates are too good to turn down. But we make it work. Most of the time.


  2. Money cannot buy you everything so the song goes. But the best things in life are free. Not exactly free but the fringe benefits of having a job that you enjoy or even love doing may make the other stuff free. I had a job that I really enjoyed doing. That was as an industrial electronic technician. It was a very private job in a sense. I would go out on the factory line to repair a piece of equipment. I did not work for the factory. So when the line boss man came to ask about how soon the job would be finished, I always fudge my answer with a padded time so that I could do my job in peace. Boss man did not have a clue as to what I was doing anyway! But I was ambitious got promoted and that was the end of my perfect job. So if you have a job that you enjoy, even if the pay is just so so, stick to it. I’d say till something better comes along but why spoil the moment.


    • If I move on from my current role, it would be as a train driver, locked away in a cab by myself. The fewer people I have to deal with, the better. It’s always people that make a job difficult. One role I won’t go for (probably!) is a management position. Been there, done that, got the T shirt, have the mental scars to show for it!


    • You’re not really retired Steve. You’re a professional blogger. The most poorly remunerated professional blogger I know, it has to be said. Unless you have a sneaky advertising program running under the radar.But it’s all about the job satisfaction, isn’t it?

      I’m looking forward to joining your ranks one day, blogging from Mexico. But I’ll make the most of my pre-retirement days first.


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