The Evolving Declaration

Times change, so they do. Is war upon us? Who knows. Maybe yes, maybe no. But probably not. Yet. Not this week. Hopefully not before the iPhone 8 has been launched and mine shipped to me. Many months ago, I suggested one possible end to Trump’s reign could be a military coup d’etat. On the basis that Trump flips out and orders something particularly irrational and outrageous that only instant military intervention could prevent. It was at the ‘least likely’ end of the list. Maybe it should move up a place or two.

A war with Korea could go one of several ways. A massive pre-emptive nuclear strike by the US in an attempt to annihilate the opposition forces? Or a gradually escalating war that may or may not develop into a nuclear exchange (almost certainly limited to the Korean peninsular) but will most certainly end up very messy with massive casualties on both sides. Which one is your favourite? Take your pick. At least any declaration of war is likely to be more interesting than in years gone by.


In 1939:


In 1941:

In 1990:

In 2003:

In 2017:






2 thoughts on “The Evolving Declaration

  1. The video you have included show a well thought out and measured message with regards to the announcement of hostilities. The tweet blurbs that show how Trump might make such an announcement, I understand are not really serious on you part. And yet, it is easy how the President of the US might tweet the county into war! A lot of work must have gone into including the video clips and it was quite appropriate that you included them. Kudos to you, Gary. I think that you did an excellent job on this article.


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