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The Walled Garden

Mrs P and I rather enjoy our days out to stately homes and gardens. Many of which have that ever so traditional English walled garden. Or kitchen garden. This weeks trip was more local than is often the case, to Edmondsham. I do wonder if a walled garden would work in Merida one day, when we retire. We could happily potter about if the morning and evenings, weeding, dead heading, planting and pruning. And in the afternoon, we could greet our paying visitors, serving traditional cream teas. There would be a few plants for sale in the yard. And perhaps some freshly picked fruit and vegetables too. Just to keep us busy and keep a few welcome pennies rolling in.


4 thoughts on “The Walled Garden

  1. Well, since most home gardens in Mexico are enclosed within the patio, I guess you would have a walled garden… unless you should retire to an hacienda. So am I to gather from your post that you have decided on Merida as a retirement location?


  2. I would even let you borrow the Cool Queen postcard you sent me — just to add a bit of English authenticity to your enterprise. What garden can exist without the gaze of a monarch?


    • I actually have the poster version of that card wrapped up in a tube somewhere. I’d best keep it, just in case this plan comes to fruition. I’ll probably also need a few statues to place around the plot. Some piped music too. How about Nimrod? The original version, not Zimmer’s.


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