#TBT Marrakech

Today I look back to a trip Mrs P and I took just over four years ago to Marrakech, Morocco. It was a fabulous trip, with all the key ingredients. Warm sunshine on our faces, generous hospitality, culture, art and the beautiful, intricate architectural wonders that exist across the Islamic world. The destruction of large swathes of the Middle East is a tragedy that will negatively affect generations of the people that live there. And has deprived the world of many of its man made wonders forever. I’m glad that I’ve had the opportunity to visit a few parts of the Middle East in my life. I hope yet to see Jordan and Iran. I’m disappointed that I will likely never get to see the magnificence of Syria and Iraq. Or what is left of them.


5 thoughts on “#TBT Marrakech

    • So long as you don’t consider 40+ degree celsius as ‘too hot’, you should be fine. 🙂

      I liked the Yves St Laurent gardens and souks. But I’d skip the tanneries. The drive up to a waterfall and the Atlas mountains were a bit ‘meh’ too.


    • I nearly made it to Petra. I’d booked myself a (very long) bus trip from Sharm el Sheikh. But then I got distracted for the remainder of my holiday. But she was quite the distraction. And a Russian distraction at that. I was years ahead of my time…


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