#TBT Xochicalco

Our first wedding anniversary in 2009, spent in Tequesquitengo, a little bit of paradise a couple of hours south of Mexico City. And a short drive from Xochicalco, where this photo was taken. The red T-shirt was quite new back then. I still have it. It’s at home in one of my five clothes drawers. I’ve never worn it that much though.

Truth be told, if I got rid of all the clothes that I don’t wear that much, I could probably fit the remaining collection of T-shirts, shorts, jeans, boxer shorts and socks into a single drawer. When I get dressed I tend to pick the clothes I feel most comfortable in. Things like clothing rotation or dressing for the occasion are alien to me.


2 thoughts on “#TBT Xochicalco

  1. I suppose as we move away from traditional clothing and grow into the person we have become, comfort becomes paramount. I don’t wear “T” shirts myself but various family members have given me a drawerful over the years. I prefer golf shirts or one with a collar, blame it on a long neck. I like convertible cargo style pants too so I can carry extras such as lenses and a pocket knife or tablet when travelling. I like pockets, at one time I had everything on me to repair and rebuild stuff. Bad habits die hard.


    • Most of what I refer to as t-shirts are in fact short sleeve collared cotton shirts. We are off to India very shortly and I have just a 60 litre backpack for all I need to take. That’s when my ‘style’ comes into its own. Once the clothes are in, there’ll be plenty of room for cameras and tablets! And plenty of room to spare for souvenirs…!


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