Upgrade Day

My three favourite days of the year. My birthday, Christmas Day and Apple Upgrade Day. The latter of which is today. Like Christmas, there is a festive build up to the big day. First comes the Special Event where all the shiny new devices are revealed. Then a few days later Apple’s online store will open for pre-orders. A few days after that the new OS is released. And then, a week after the devices were first shown off, deliveries begin.

I upgrade every year. I buy the phone outright on a 0% credit card, divide the amount by 24 and then pay off the debt accordingly. After a year, when the new devices come out, I sell the old phone for pretty much what is owed on it. Then I settle down to watch the Special Event live, to see what I’ll be toting for the following year. I marvelled at the beauty of the iPhone X. It is a truly wondrous product.

But there’s not a chance I’m going to pay £1,000 for a mobile phone. Certainly not this year. I have other priorities. So I looked at Apple’s lesser offering, the iPhone 8. The Plus model is not for me. While the superior camera unit is tempting, it’s just too big. I have an iPad for big screen stuff. So this year’s upgrade would simply be like for like, on the standard 4.7″ model. The actual differences to my mind are minimal. A more powerful processor. Meh. Very minor upgrade to the camera. Wireless charging. Double meh.

I currently have an iPhone 7 128gb model. That memory option is the sweet spot for me. Alas, iPhone 8 comes only with 64gb at £699 or an unnecessary 256gb at a whopping £849. If I’m not paying £1,000 for an iPhone X, then I’m definitely not paying £849 for a 4.7″ iPhone 8. Which leaves the 64gb option. Weighing everything up, that would amount to a downgrade. I don’t want to downgrade.

On the upside, that means Upgrade Day comes early for me. I’ve bought a new case to replace the rather worn leather one currently protecting my phone. I’ll install ios11 when I get home. It’ll look and feel like a new phone. Without actually having to buy a new phone. Apple missed a trick this year, methinks. I’ll keep my 7 and wait till next year to upgrade the hardware. Unless Google pulls out something very special with the Pixel 2 next month…

It’s not all Apple’s fault, mind you. This is the first instance where Brexit has directly affected my purchasing choices. Apple’s prices have increased in the UK this year, presumably to take account of sterling’s troubles. UK pricing now matches US pricing – there’s just the currency symbol to tell them apart. It’s bad for Apple, it’s bad for Britain.


2 thoughts on “Upgrade Day

  1. Hi Gary, I presume you have updated to “11” by now, do you like the new software?
    Since doing so myself my 16G iPad Air found 4.9 gigs of extra storage without losing anything. Up to that it was forever telling me I was out of space and I was continually dumping stuff.
    I’m moving house at the mo but not to Mexico. My new house is being built sixty kms from here hopefully finished by November but I doubt it! Most of the stuff I’ve packed into the container seem to be my hobbies. It’s been a cleansing of sorts, disposing of thirty plus years of those memories you don’t wish to carry forward. Unusual pieces of wood kept for the special project that never materialized. Tools bought to manipulate that wood etc.
    I’m fortunate in a way that I can almost do anything I set my mind to, the down side is rather than getting someone else to do it I’ll buy the tools and do it myself. So I’ve tools for everything from tiling to woodworking, instrument repair and all things mechanical. I’ve had a great life exploring the internal organs of engines and solving obscure wood joining techniques to deworming my sister in law’s computers.
    I hope things are ok with your wife’s family in Mexico. Scary things happening there with earthquakes and weather.


    • I have and I do, although there’s not a lot there that’s wildly different. The new photo format saves a lot of space though – I imagine that’s where your few extra gigs came from. Although I don’t know for sure. Frankly, Apple is behind the curve by quite a margin regards photos and the cloud. Google manages on device storage much better.

      Those are two things most guys can relate to, although not me! I am quite the opposite of a hoarder. I have tended to move every few years, and every time I do, I get shot of everything that I haven’t used in the last twelve months. I have just a couple of old biscuit tins for relics that have a bit of sentimental value.

      And then the tool box. A year ago I had a tool box which contained a multi function bike tool, a hammer and a screwdriver. If something couldn’t be fixed with a swift visit from Mr Hammer, then it needed replacing. Problem solved. Now that I’m a home owner, my tool box overfloweth with accumulated bits and bobs. And a cordless drill too. I feel more manly for it though!

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