We went. We saw. We didn’t get the infamous Delhi Belly. Furthermore, we survived everything else that India threw at us. We have lived to tell the tale. One day soon, perhaps, I will have a little spare time to tell it.


8 thoughts on “India

  1. Colm says:

    I’ve enjoyed your photos this trip Gary. Didn’t bog you down with remarks.
    Did you just use your iPhone or your camera or a combination of both?
    My home will be up for sale next month and because of the market here should sell quickly and hopefully I’ll be able to winter in Merida for a few weeks or months. My new home won’t be ready now until December or later. It’s been a whirlwind journey.


    • Your comments are always welcome, Colm. And I’ll always get around to responding. Sometimes later than sooner, but I get there. I used both cameras. Most of what went onto Facebook was from my iPhone. I’m about half way through processing the Fuji photos, and a third of the way through uploading them to Flickr.

      Wintering in Merida sounds like a very fine idea. Perhaps with a little luck, we’ll get to meet up and have a beer there one day.


  2. Harshita Gupta says:

    Heyya!! I loved your post with the amazing picture of Taj Mahal!!
    Yeah!! I would be eagerly waiting for your posts, describing your experiences in India!


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