Faces of India

It would have been nice to have had a day or two at each stop to just wander off by myself with my camera looking for interesting this to photograph. I do enjoy a good urban stroll, losing myself in backstreets and stumbling across treasures the usually remain hidden from the normal tourist gaggles. But we didn’t have the time for such luxuries. Mrs P would also have been most displeased if I had abandoned her to her own devices.

But I got some reasonable photos nonetheless. Just a few days in to our trip, I did mention that I might end up with some really fabulous photos. Which would fly in the face of the less than stellar 360 degree reality that we faced for the majority of our trip. The camera lies. Well, that’s perhaps going too far, in this instance at least. It tells half truths. Not the whole story. It cherry picks the best bits.

I’d have really liked to have gotten a few more portraits. But I got what I got and here they are. One of them in particular is not really a portrait. But he was a brave fellow, hanging on his rope ladder to get a lick of paint on his wall. Let me tell you, health and safety legislation in India isn’t up to our western standards. Not by a long shot.


6 thoughts on “Faces of India

  1. I’m sure I’m a bit late to reply Gary, your photos are lovely, way past holiday snaps. A couple of years back my wife and I went home to see a few of our last remaining family scattered between Ireland north and south and Edinburgh. I had this issue with my wife too! I like to wander off the beaten track to snap the unusual but my wife will have none of it.
    Hope you had a great trip, Did you go as part of a tour guided trip or just the pair of you?


    • It’s never too late to leave a comment! Wives, huh! Can’t live with them. Quickly die if they aren’t there to cook healthy meals for us…

      I planned it all myself. Flights, hotels all done independently. It was just in Jaipur and the National Park we did tours.

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