My Photographic Future

I’m almost ready to ditch my iMac as my chief photography processing machine. On the flight back from India, I plugged my SD card into my iPad Mini 4 (via a dongle) and processed the entire collection. It was an easy and pleasant processing experience. But I’d really want a little bit more screen real estate before I gave up my iMac full time. Perhaps next year I will upgrade to a new (bezel-less?) iPad Pro. Either the 10.5 inch or more likely the 12 inch model. Till then, I’m only almost ready to ditch my iMac…

I’m almost ready to ditch Adobe Lightroom as my chief photography processing software. On the flight back to India, I geotagged my snaps using GeoTag Photos and then processed them through the free VSCO app. Alas, while the photos were corrected geotagged in iOS photos, by the time I uploaded them to Flickr, the location data had gone missing. I’ve still not found a way to overcome this. Is it a glitch in iOS? Or Flick? Or the app? If it’s the latter, I have another app, GeoTagr, to try next time.

I like VSCO a lot as well. The annual subscription of £20 for the full filter pack is well worth it. I wish it had an option for 16:9 in the crop settings though. Till then, and till the geotagging issue is resolved, I’m only almost ready to ditch Lightroom.

I’m almost ready to ditch my Fuji mirrorless camera with its collection of lenses. My ideal camera these days would be a pocketable (or at least near pocketable) compact with an APS sized sensor and a fixed lenses that is nice and wide with a reasonable zoom. It needs to be a bright lens too – f1.8. I want a decent viewfinder and full manual controls on top mounted dials. And the camera should come in at well below £1,000. Canon’s new G1X Mark III is so close. But the lens needs to be a wee bit brighter. It needs those dials. And it’s a bit too pricey. But compact cameras are getting closer to the promised land. Till then, I’m only almost ready to ditch my Fuji.

And then maybe one day will come along an iPhone so advanced, that I will be ready to ditch everything…


4 thoughts on “My Photographic Future

  1. Lost in translation with all the rest of the photographic jargon. It’s kind of the tale of the guy who complained that he did not have the latest riding boots until he saw the amputee sans any legs. Well, I may be pushing this a bit. I know that photography is your thing and wish that I had the buck to upgrade. As it is, I get along quite well with my free apps and a couple of old digital cameras and my smartphone.


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