The Harbour View

The view from the window of my train never gets dull. Even when it is dull. One of these days, I’m going to get up early one morning and go have a good walk round here with my camera. Till then, a shot from my iPhone through a mucky window will have to suffice.


3 thoughts on “The Harbour View

  1. norm says:

    I had a 26 mile commute to work over a two lane rural highway during my working years, the morning vistas were rewarding.
    My path crossed a number of watersheds, if time permitted, I would stop for a streamside stroll before going into the belly of the ironhouse. One morning, walking along the stream bank, I came on a few rib bones that had washed down a dry creek bed. Norm to self” are these human???”. I started following the bones with some tribulation until I walked up to a rolled up carpet. I could not resist, I unrolled the carpet, expecting the worst, but it was just an old pig’s remains. Why someone dragged a carpet with a pig wrapped up in it out into the woods is anybody’s guess; off to work I went,
    Nice photo Gary, as always.


    • There’s something magical about water. I like in a pretty watery part of the world. The sea on one side, with its harbours and limestone cliffs. And a multitude of lakes, rivers, streams and bogs inland. Unlike senor Cotton, I prefer the water in a non-tropical setting though.

      Pigs in blankets, eh? There’s a seasonal story to be told there, Norm. You’re retired….why don’t you have a blog?

      Sorry to hear your sad news by the by. I read the obituary. A life story never stops the end being sad, but it sounded like a story well worth living. Which is the important thing.


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