#TBT – True Love Is….

The photo was taken just a couple of months ago. Which is rather recent for a Throwback Thursday sort of photo. But the story behind it goes back thirteen years. To a time when Mrs P was just Miss P. We were just getting to know each other. And I did what any normal guy does. He says the right thing. Which is not always exactly what he’s thinking…

Miss P: Do you like Diana Krall?
Yours truly: Love her! (What is a Diana Krall when it’s at home?)

Miss P: Her voice is just amazing.
Yours truly: Like an angel. (Ok, a singer. Saves me from Googling…)

Miss P: Do you like Jazz?
Yours truly: It’s literally my favourite type of music ever. (Meh. Well, I’ve never stormed out of Starbucks in protest…)

Miss P: Her new album is just the best.
Yours truly: If I had to live on a desert island for the rest of my life and could take just one album, well this would be the one. (Providing I can also take a loaded gun to shoot myself with.)

This was in 2004. Diana Krall’s The Look of Love sort of became one of ‘our songs’. Years passed, and we went to many concerts. Tribute Pink Floyds, Jamie Cullum, Depeche Mode and others. But Diana Krall never came to town. In 2008 Miss P became Mrs P. And then we must fast forward to 2017 where the story takes a significant turn for the worst.

Mrs P: Guess what?! Diana Krall is performing at the Royal Albert Hall in September!
Yours truly: That’s…erm…really great. (Shit. I can see where this is heading.)

Mrs P: Shall we get tickets?
Yours truly: Could do, if I’m not working. (Please, please let me be working!)

Mrs P: It’s on Wednesday 27th.
Yours truly: I think I’ve actually got that off. (Unbelievable! I picked two completely random days for taking some Annual Leave, and I picked that Wednesday and Thursday. Un-f***ing-believable.)

Mrs P: Brilliant! I’ll book them tonight. I can’t wait!
Yours truly: Sure. Yeah, really exciting. (We could go to Starbucks instead though? It’s closer. Better coffee too….)

Mrs P: I can’t believe that we’re finally getting to see her!
Yours truly: Truly un-f***ing-believable unbelievable. (So definitely a no to Starbucks I guess…)

And so the fateful day came to pass. I picked up Mrs P from work and drove to London. She watched the concert. I had a snooze. And then I drove us home again. With Mrs P none the wiser that before I met her I had no idea Diana Krall existed. And that now that I do, I rather wish I didn’t. It’s still a secret though. Between you and I. Don’t be a snitch.

Some people say that true love means you don’t have to lie to each other. I disagree. Everyone lies here and there. Little white lies, hopefully. I say that true love is seeing the lie through to the very bitter, jazzy end. Just keep smiling.


4 thoughts on “#TBT – True Love Is….

  1. That old trite saying, “love means having to say you’re sorry”, or something of the sort applies. My own return is “Yes, Dear”, hoping that whatever goes away or is not mentioned again anytime soon. To say “What, Dear” would be unforgivable. Cute story but you know that this is going to get back to Mrs. P!


  2. Colm says:

    Let’s face it she was not on your radar before you met so more than likely not up your street. I like some of her early stuff but since hanging with new hubby Elvis Costello I’m not too enthralled with her recent contributions.
    No matter, the important thing is, was Mrs. P happy and did she enjoy it?

    ps Diana Krall’s home is in Nanaimo, a dreary town two hours up the road from here!
    When Cher and Dolly Parton came to Vancouver in the recent past the wife (PC) and her sisters went as I wasn’t bothered but I missed out seeing Paul McCartney when he came to Seattle a few years back as my passport was out of date.


    • I actually quite like Elvis Costello. His Notting Hill tune ‘She’ in particular. But that’s the story of another wishful romance that goes back even further than this story….

      Mrs P did enjoy it, although she was a little disappointed that ‘Look of Love’ was not on the playlist. Such is life.

      I have a sneaky feeling that the time to see Paul McCartney play was prior to your passport starting, nevermind its expiry date.

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