Creating the Right Sleep Environment for Children and Adults

Sleep is important for people of all ages, from children to adults. The sleep deprivation epidemic is affecting people of all ages in the UK and around the world. Some effects are immediately seen, while others may take years to appear. Children need even more sleep than adults. A child between the ages of five and 11 need between 10 and 12 hours of sleep per night. Quality bedding from Guzel Dezayns helps create the perfect sleep conditions.

Atmosphere for Sleep

Without enough sleep, brain development and learning are negatively affected in children. In adults, lack of sleep can have a problem with focus, memory, and may even contribute to physical and mental health problems. To create the right environment for sleep, set a bedtime for all family members, from the youngest children to the parents. Single, double, king, and super king size bedding that is designed for a luxurious night of sleep can be found at

A bedtime routine is essential for children and helpful for adults as well. Children benefit from a regular night-time routine that includes a warm bath and story before bed. Adults can also create a soothing bedtime routine for themselves. Begin to wind down and relax as the time for bed approaches. Try meditation, dim the lights, and avoid caffeinated beverages prior to going to sleep and maintain a consistent bedtime. If you wish to stay up later on weekends or let the kids stay up later, keep it to no more than an hour later to avoid disrupting your sleep routine.

Create a comfortable sleep environment for every member of your family to ensure a restful night of sleep. Ban television and electronics from the bedroom, as it disrupts sleep. Sleep research has shown that the type of blue light emitted by smartphones tells the brain that it is morning. Even just a few minutes on your phone in bed can make it difficult to fall asleep.

Once the light has been banished from the bedroom, consider how your bed may be encouraging or discouraging a comfortable night of sleep. Start with assessing your mattress and bedding. An uncomfortable, poor quality mattress is not going to create a comfortable space for sleep. Considering that you spend a lot of time in bed, so it is worth investing in a high quality mattress and bedding for every member of the family.

Some bedding companies are considering comfort, as well as design, in their bedding sets. Look for a single, double, and king size duvet covers & king size bedding set in soft, comfortable, natural materials with a high thread count to provide a restful space for you and your children to spend the nights.


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