Trump See, Trump Do

Trump see, Trump do. Or so goes a well known proverb in the world of monkeys when describing a closely related but intellectually inferior species that is currently in the news. Smarter monkeys refer to this species by their Latin name, Republicanus Deplorabilis. We humans, at the top of the brains ladder, refer to their characteristics with a wider range of vocab. Fascists. Mentally unstable. Ignorant. White supremacists. Dotards. Cockwombles.

One would think that by now, all that could be said about Trump, has been said about Trump. And yet, he keeps on providing fresh material for us to poke at on a daily basis. When I wake up in the morning, there is greater certainty that he will have said something stupid on Twitter than there is that the sun will rise. One would think that by now, Trump would have achieved maximum global contempt. And yet, he keeps on demonstrating that he can climb further up the ladder of contempt, onto rungs we mere mortals did not even know existed.

This week has been particularly special. Firstly, there were his three retweets of Britain First content. For the uniformed, Britain First are far-right ultra nationalists, run by convicted criminals, loathed even by your normal run of the mill right-wing racist. Think KKK, without the white bedsheet kit. They regularly publish inflammatory posts based on material of dubious origin which are, all too often, not what they make it out to be. For example, they claim the first video features Muslim immigrants beating up a Dutch boy on crutches. In fact, there are no immigrants in this video and the religion of the offender is unknown. The other two videos are not relevant to migration at all.

Theresa May responded, diplomatically, informing Trump that his retweets weren’t helpful. You can imagine what happened next. Yes, indeed. Mr Trump tweeted Theresa Scrivener, who has a grand total of 6 followers, to instruct her to ‘not focus on him, but focus on radical Islamic terrorism.’ Who is this Theresa Scrivener? I have no idea who she is. Nor does Trump, it would appear. He deleted the tweet and then responded to the UK PM instead.

There are just so many rhetorical questions that his behaviour over the last few days raises. Why would he share racial and religious hate material? Why would he even follow someone like Ann Coulter who shares this sort of stuff? Why can he not competently send tweets to the right person? Really, who is Theresa Scrivener? And having demonstrated that he knows how to delete a tweet, why has he not deleted the three retweets which are clearly a bit bogus? Why would he want to create something of a diplomatic furore with one of the US’s strongest allies? When will he focus on being the President of the United States?

Most of those questions do not need answering. But fear not USA. We Brits have a solution. It’ll take some time, but bear with us and all will be right with the world again. All we need is for Harry and Meghan to produce American born off-spring and loiter in the Hamptons for 14 years or so. Obviously, the unborn can have no name. But let’s refer to him as George. Now lets fast forwards a few decades. We’re just a car crash or two away from turning this youngester from Prince into King. It sounds complicated, but don’t worry yourselves, we’re experienced at this sort of thing.

At this point, in early 2056, we are just one presidential campaign away from retaking the colonies. King George VII, President of the United States of America. Significantly less mad than the last George we foisted upon you, far classier than the current occupant of the White House, a whole bunch more desirable that a President Trump Jr or a President Kushner and sufficiently intelligent to not be looked down upon by monkeys. I know what you’re thinking. There’s an obvious flaw to my plan, and I am indeed being slightly facetious. Because, of course, the Trumps and Kushners will still be too busy campaigning for release from prison to be concerning themselves with bids for the White House…


5 thoughts on “Trump See, Trump Do

  1. Colm says:

    I believe someone on his staff is deliberately feeding him this jibberish and he shares it with aplomb unscreened. I suppose when you are at the top of the pile you can see for miles but the obvious eludes him. He is the spoilt child who everyone has given in to fearing his temper.
    The emperor’s magnificent suit is being worn for all to see and his staff have realized they just have to stay in his good graces to survive. They bow and kowtow to him unswearvingly knowing it’s just a matter of time before he’s ousted.
    We on the other hand can see he is the lunatic for what he is but not for what he’ll do next.
    They are the most dangerous as they answer to no one..


    • Trump’s business methodology just about works in the US corporate world. That is to say, in a world where money goes to money. He made up for his lack of smarts and obnoxious personality through financial bullying, bullshit, the bankruptcy process and media exposure. He’s brought the same blunt toolkit to politics, and is finding out that not only does it not work there, but will likely lead to his impeachment/forced resignation. How far down the line he currently is to that realisation is anyone’s guess.

      Now, I get why uneducated rednecks failed to see through him. I get why racists and bigots choose not to see through him. And I even get why those in industrial ghost towns might cast a protest vote, even though picking Trump to ease ones woes is akin to someone diagnosed with lung cancer choosing to take up smoking in the hope that it helps.

      But there’s still a significant chunk of the US population who should have known better. I suspect they are seeing the light. Some quicker than others.

      These are, as they say, interesting times. I follow a few people on Twitter and elsewhere who provide informative insights rather than sensationalist and commentary. One in particular has long been saying that money laundering with the Russians will prove to be Trump’s biggest problem. I can see that. There are those who still argue that there’s zero evidence regards collusion with Russia during the election and thus dismiss the idea. We’ll have to wait and see, to be fair. But their argument seems to me to be akin to criticising a builder for starting with the foundations and not the chimney pot.


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