#TBT Two Days Before

Today, I go back just a little under eighteen months, to June 21st 2016. This was the last photo I took and published before the EU Referendum. When I pressed that shutter release, the UK looked set to remain in the EU. And Donald Trump was still something of a joke, with the punch line to come at any moment – at his expense. Those were better times. But you can see those dark clouds gathering in the sky ahead…

Where did it all go so wrong? At the ballot box? That’s surely the symptom, not the cause. I blame excessive wealth redistribution and the internet. A gripe and somewhere to express that gripe. The two of them, with a sprinkling of human nature, seems to have moved the majority to the extremes on every topic. There’s too few people stood in the middle ground anymore. I despair. On the plus side, at least no UK politician has endorsed a child molester’s political campaign for office.



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