Seven days. Seven B&W photos. These flats have just recently been built. We were flat hunting when they were going up and I had a look. Love the area. Not so fond of the price.


13 thoughts on “Seven/One

    • I clicked the link, had a gawp and cried a little bit. Cried inside, not publicly. I’m British. Even at the asking price of that property, it’s cheaper than what we ended up paying for our two bed flat.

      Some of the larger penthouse properties in that block in the photo fetch £650,000. The housing market in the UK is ridiculous. Getting on the ladder is getting harder and harder -we were very lucky. But this is a small, densely populated island with a shortage of housing. Prices will remain high for the foreseeable.


  1. norm says:

    My land is worth a few times what my house is worth but I bought it in 94 when land was much cheaper. I could not be so extravagant in today’s world. The tax bill makes my heart pound twice a year but living in a park is nice. The upkeep is getting harder every year. I take care of my Mother’s country property as well. My father just passed and I thought maybe she might want to move into town. Not much chance of that, I’ve gathered in the last few weeks, park living gets in your blood.
    Northeast Ohio has boming areas and very depressed areas. I bought a couple late 19th century houses in a town on Lake Erie during the 08 housing bust thinking I could turn a few bucks. These houses are on a cobblestone street, a hundred yards from the marina , a hundred feet from the restaurant district and yet I’m having trouble selling them both for 55 grand. The town went from 50 thousand souls to 20 thousand in 20 years, it has some excess housing… even the tourist areas are dirt cheap. I’ve had a lot of fun at the Bula houses but the upkeep is getting to be too much-they have to go.
    You can buy a few hundred acre working farm, house and barns, for 650,000 pounds in northeast Ohio but the upkeep would kill a normal man. You have to be born to it.


    • I know what you mean about the physical toils needed to maintain land. I’d like to think I’m a sensible chap. Proof of that is my desire to live in a flat. We looked at a few terraced places and even a cottage. But I know full well how much effort I’d be willing to put into the gardens, no matter how small – little to none. Proof of that is in the two tubs of dead plants that I have outside on our ‘sun terrace’.

      Land prices in the UK can vary wildly. Obviously, in London, the land and not the property is the expensive part of any transaction. Other places, land can be relatively cheap. Especially where it’s been designated Green Belt and development is not allowed. But that’s not to say that buying bits of green belt land in areas being urbanised is a bad deal. Designations change…

      When all is done, do you think you will have managed to make a buck or two on those properties? Break even?


      • norm says:

        I would think a little but when you factor in tax, up keep, renovations, lawn care(there is a third acre) and utilities, I think no, but I have had a dozen stags with the men, many weekends at the beach with Linda. My kids and friends have lived in them at times for vacations.This summer will be 10 years, I’ve had them. I paid 23 cash to start. I’ve used the one house as a workshop at times so I’ve had a good bit of intrinsic return, maybe 15 grand in cash returns. I’ll be lucky to make it a wash in the end but we have had fun there. The bars are crawling distance…


      • norm says:

        My property in Portage is the one with land and worth something. My Ashtabula property is only a third acre, two run down 1880 frame houses but overlooking Lake Erie, 100 yards from the marina, stager distance to the bars and restaurants-so they have tourist value. How much? The market will tell that one. I’m ready to sell them. Just tired of the upkeep.


        • I did a bit of a Google map/Streetview tour of Ashtabula. Looks lovely. If it were closer, I’d buy a beach place there. Unfortunately it’s a 9 hour drive from Boston. Saludos and Merry Christmas!


        • norm says:

          Lovely in the summer Kim, winter is a different version of hell. My uncle had a place that was about a hundred yards off the lake, it would get three feet of ice on its back wall some years. That said, when he sold, they cut his five acres into three lots and put up about 7 million dollars worth of high end housing. People still want to live on the beast we call Erie. I’ll keep my hillside, 35 miles from the lake. It is not that far of a drive.
          I only bought on the lake because I did not like to drive home after a day of drinking at the shore. After I retired, my desire to drink melted away

          An aside: It was too far for me to consider but the best US location on Erie is the area east of “Northeast “( that is the name of the burg), Pennsylvania. Grape yards right down to the water-pretty sweet location.

          Always good to hear from you Kim

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