Happy Holidays

Normally, I would wish everyone a Merry Christmas. However, there is a war on. I hadn’t noticed it myself. I’ve a sneaky feeling that it’s more to do with christians in the US exercising their right to feel persecuted. But nonetheless, war has been declared and one must pick sides. Naturally, I’m with whoever is against Trump. So…Happy Holidays it is. From both Mrs P and myself. Mostly myself, given that Mrs P has no involvement with this blog at all. But as with Christmas cards, it’s just the done thing to put both of us down.


14 thoughts on “Happy Holidays

  1. norm says:

    The Holidays are here and I wish you and P the best. A merry Christmas, a Happy New Year, a mild winter and a hot summer after in jolly old England. And, prosperity and good health to you both in 18.

    Trump…he too will pass and the wreckage left in his wake should be repairable short of some mishap with the red button.


    • I like the sound of a hot summer and prosperity. The former is in the hands of the gods. The latter is in the hands of my union, currently negotiating our annual pay rise. From what I’ve heard, its looking like 1% above the rate of inflation. I’m happy with that. It’ll get backdated to last October as well, which is nice. Of course, without good health what’s the point of any of it. Fingers crossed!

      Hope you and all yours had a great 2017 and a better 2018. Barring any presidential red button mishaps…!


  2. Merry Christmas to you both or Happy Holydays to our southern cousins though they appear to be neither happy nor holy.
    Never mind, enjoy your life together and look forward to the sunny times ahead!


  3. Merry Christmas! I hail from a neutral protectorate of the USA, so I’m a non-combatant and strictly neutral.

    Kim G
    Redding, CA
    Where the president enjoys a lot of support.


    • Merry Christmas to you too Kim! And a Happy New Year too. Hope 2018 brings you better times than 2017. And more time in Mexico City.

      Bournemouth, UK.
      Where Mr Trump is generally considered the most ridiculous and incompetent head of state on the planet. Something for which Mrs May is eternally grateful!

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      • Haha…“For which Mrs. May is eternally grateful. Touché

        So in Bournemouth they prefer Al Sisi, Duterte, Kim Jong Un, Rouhani and a score of other enlightened souls, eh?


        • To be fair, none of them are likely to cause the UK financial harm. And only Mr Jong Un is on a par with Mr Trump when it comes to leading the world into WW3. I guess relevance to is Bournemouth land is the key here. Also, I did say ridiculous and incompetent rather than evil and sadistic.

          I really can’t imagine you are still truly happy with Trump though. Inbetween endorsing pedophiles for the Senate, unbridled nepotism, broken promises and failed health care policies, his tax cut looks to me much like a giant increase to the debt problem.

          Maybe we’ll continue to disagree on this. But whatever, the year ahead looks to be interesting on both sides of the Atlantic. Either way, I hope yours is a great one, amigo.

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    • Merry Christmas to you too! And come on, it isn’t that hard to spell out his name. I’ll help you. Start with a C. Then an O, C and K. Followed by a W, O, M, B, L and finally finished off with an E.


  4. Happy Festivus, Happy Holiday, and Merry Christmas to you and the missus. And I would add from my side of the pond, Mexico to be more exact, that I make no claim be being Christian. Must add the trite default the I am more spiritual than religious. My admiration for the Orange-A-Tang is so hard to express so I will not add this.
    I wish to return to my home in the US when most of the harm done is on the wane. But mark this, I have no plans to give up my birthright.
    Rich Montoya


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