Photo of the Year

I have so far added 756 photos to my Flickr account in 2017. Some good, many so-so, a few that suck and a handful which I really like. There’s a few days left for more to go up, but I think I have a settled selection of the best of the year. It’s been a good year. We’ve been to Scotland, Spain and India. And within the UK we’ve been to stately homes and castles across the south/south east, punting in Cambridge and Ladies Day at Royal Ascot. It’s been fun. My personal favourite of the year was taken right at the beginning of 2016, close to home – the lighthouse at Portland. I like the symmetry of the lighthouse rising into the sky behind the scattered rocks in the foreground. Mostly, I just like the shade of blue in the sky. Here’s hoping 2018 will be just as good or better. Click here to see the full set of Best of 2017 Flickr.


6 thoughts on “Photo of the Year

  1. You really have a knack of getting the best out of your subject Gary. Oh I know at times it is the light that is captured at that moment in time that does it and sometimes a slight brushstroke in Lightroom transforms an otherwise dull photo into a dream.
    Still lovely photos


    • I just snap away and then see what I have later. Anything remotely usable gets the Lightroom (or VSCO) treatment, and voila. The processing is my favourite part to be honest. I’d really like to get a new 10.5″ iPad Pro and do it all on that. Maybe next year…


      • I’m just getting another 32 gig one as my old Air is running out of steam. A new pro is nearly $1200 here before tax so I’m passing on it for the time being. Possibly buying a new Mac soon as it rains here a lot!


        • We’re prone to the odd bit of rain here too. I have a newish (refurb) iMac, so I’m sorted on that front. Hopefully, it’ll last many more years. I possibly won’t ever replace it. The iPad is my future! Probably. Until a shiny new Mac thing turns my head…


  2. Lovely picture, especially the nice contrast between the rocks and the tower. However, on my monitor (which was calibrated, but not all that recently) the sky looks a bit greenish.

    In any case, may 2018 provide you with many more stunning photos. And hopefully one of these days we’ll have the chance to do another photo walk.

    Saludos y un abrazo, amigo.

    Kim G
    Redding, CA
    Where my photography hobby seems to be dying on the vine.


    • Green is literally my favourite shade of blue. I have to say the better the monitor, the greener it looks. On the monitor at work (old, nasty, running IE7 and ready for the monitor graveyard) it looks a bit bluer. Perhaps I should simply have said I liked the colour of the sky! Needless to say, post processing had a lot to do with the final shade of blue. Or green.

      A photo walk is a fine idea. I don’t get out with my camera just for the heck of it nearly enough. When is the question. I think we’re both rather bogged down at the moment, albeit for very different reasons.

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