Watch Me Go

Last year was a barren twelve months of gadgets, gizmos and other techno purchases for me. I’d already got a fairly new Mac. I’ve abandoned Apple TV. My iPad Mini 4 is still sufficing. And, just for once, I wasn’t persuaded by the new iPhone offerings. But there was one bit of tech that I lacked. One digital void in my life that needed to be filled. A Smart watch/fitness tracker. I like going for a run. I like recording my runs and looking at a breakdown of the stats and map at the end. I hate lugging an iPhone around with me.

My criteria: slim design, not chunky. Built in GPS, step counter, iOS sync, bluetooth and podcast playback a must. Heart rate monitor and Runkeeper sync preferred. Can’t cost more than £200, preferably less. Given the huge range of smart watch/fitness trackers on the market I was surprised how few fit my bill. Indeed, my criteria saw the options dwindle down to just two. The Samsung Gear Fit 2. And the newer model, the Gear Fit 2 Pro. I chose the latter. The only thing they don’t do is sync with Runkeeper. Yet. I can live with that.

I’ve been wearing it for a couple of months. The band feels and looks a bit cheap but is secure, comfortable and replaceable. The GPS is accurate if you give it a couple of minutes to get an accurate start point before setting off. The Samsung Heath app is pretty comprehensive. I like that iOS notifications pop up. The heart rate monitor is ok, but I think the accuracy of most wrist based HR monitors is a bit iffy. I like the watch. I’d recommend it. For the price, I don’t see anything else coming close feature wise at the moment.

And it’s given me a New Year resolution. Let’s see if I can average at least 10,000 steps a day for 2018. That’s 3,650,000 steps. I’m averaging 7,868 so far. Perhaps a round figure of 3,000,000 steps is a better idea. I think it is. Even so, I’d better get a move on…


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