Fixing India

India has a ton of problems that need fixing. Pollution, poverty and plastic waste all spring to mind. But the particular issue to which I refer is the processing of my photos from my holiday. I have a confession – I shot for two days straight with the white balance on my camera stuck at the far setting, enveloping every shot in a ghastly shade of red. Schoolboy error.for the first day at the Taj Mahal, because the lighting was poor and the LCD on the camera evern poorer. I did notice on day two, but it took me all day to work out what was wrong.

I made a quick job of ‘correcting’ the issue in Lightroom and VSCO, but I rushed it and focused too much on the filter I wanted to apply. I should have been more patient. You can see the difference a bit of TLC can make. Compare the image above with the original. Methinks I should apply that level of TLC to the rest of my shots from those couple of days.


4 thoughts on “Fixing India

  1. norm says:

    I took a whole day of photos with the “portrait” setting-not good. I was with a bunch of my Antigua bench rat friends and sadly they have all passed on now. Blurry as all get out but I keep them because it’s all I’ve got of those old boys.


    • I feel ya. It’s a frustrating experience. I wish I could access all the photos I’d ever taken. But alas, I have lost all the pre-digital photos I ever owned. I rely on finding shots in family members collections to dig up the past.


  2. At least one of the benefits of my two-ton DSLR is that I always shoot in dual mode: raw file plus a high resolution JPEG. But ususally I just leave the camera on auto white balance, and fix egregious deviation later in Photoshop.

    All that said, from the looks of what I’ve seen here, you managed to overcome a wrong setting.


    Kim G
    Redding, CA
    Where natural light tends toward blue, maybe due to the lack of smog.


    • I’d quite like to shoot RAW, and my Fuji does allow me to dual shoot Jpeg and RAW too. But I stick with Jpeg for two reasons. The first, and most important, is that for whatever reason my camera will not allow me to shoot in 16.9 format when in RAW. Which is my preferred perspective. I could crop later, but not only is it more work, but all too often I’ll find I didn’t frame the shot correctly for that crop. The second reason is less of an issue most times, but still….shooting RAW does fill up my memory card pretty quick.

      As far as correcting the errant white balance, Lightroom does a fabulous job. Both the desktop and iPad version.

      You’re lucky. The natural light here tends toward grey.

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