The Taj

I found one of the few photos from India featuring both myself and Mrs P. There aren’t many of them, for obvious reasons. Someone has to hold the camera, and that’s usually me. But I clearly must have trusted someone here. Enough to let them hold my Fuji for just a few moments. It’s a nice shot. Nicer now that I’ve processed it with a little more care. But maybe it’s a little over saturated. Or else I had a better tan than I remember.


6 thoughts on “The Taj

  1. I’m noticing that these days most photos one sees on line are oversaturated and overly tarted up in the contrast dep’t. And now that we’ve become used to seeing such things as normal, photos more truly rendered, like Google Streetview photos for example, look dull and lifeless by comparison. It’s tough for those of us who prefer that our photos look natural.


    Kim G
    Redding, CA
    Where parts of the city are naturally oversaturated while others are more drab.


    • If I’ve been somewhere nice I always find myself in a conundrum. Do I go to town on the processing front and create arty farty fotos? Or make them as natural as possible – images that I could in years to come relate to when I look back at them?

      I tend to end up producing something of a hodge pot of an album with both types.


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