Three Things

Three things that I may never tire of. Number One. Looking at the Taj Mahal. It’s a majestic beauty. I’m lucky to have seen it in the flesh with my own eyes. Number 2. Playing around with photos in editors of all sorts. One of my favourites over the last year or so is Prisma. I ‘created’ this one on my iPad using Prisma. Adding an iPad app to complement the iPhone app was a great move. I just wish they’d move the processing onboard and speed it up a bit. Or a lot.

Number 3? We all know that guy down the pub who just loves the sound of his own voice. He should probably shut up once in a while, but he doesn’t know when to stop. I am his blogging cousin. I just love the look of my own typing. My New Year promise/threat/pledge to cut back on blogging has thus far been ignored. It is a quiet time of year though, and I need to keep myself occupied. Nonetheless, I should probably go back and edit that post, if only to change the title from Last Post to Fake News.


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