Upon Reflection

Tis the first of February. And I found a photo from February, way back in the past. All the way back to 2005. It is the oldest known photo of Mrs P and I together, thirteen years ago. She had arrived in the UK for her first trip to Europe at the end of December. Her original plan was to stay less than a month, with half of it spent whizzing around Europe. First stop Paris. Then to Berlin. And finally to Rome, where she stayed with a Mexican friend who had moved there not so long before to be with her Italian beau.

Mrs P came back to the UK and, because she was having such a grand time, she extended her trip. She’s a smart cookie is Mrs P, so she extended it to Valentines Day. This photo wasn’t taken on Valentines Day though. It was the day before she left to return to Mexico. We went for a meal at a local Thai restaurant. Mrs P, myself and my family. A goodbye meal, of sorts. Mrs P is a big fan of Thai food, although I don’t remember her opinion on the culinary excellence of this particular place.

Lots has happened since then. Four months later, Liverpool FC won the European Cup. Their cup run that year actually delayed my own journey to start a new life in Mexico by a couple of months. I didn’t want to be in a foreign country watching it with weird foreign commentary if they made the final. They did make it, so decision vindicated. Three and a half years later we married. Twelve years later she became a British citizen. And we’ve been on trips around the world together. Spain, France, India, Holland, Poland, Hungary, the United States, Morocco, Austria and Slovakia.

But this post isn’t all about Mrs P and I. Far from it. Sat in front of us, out of shot but visible behind us in the mirror, sits my dad. He liked Mrs P very much, and she was equally charmed by the way he called her ‘young lady’ as a matter of course. Sadly, he passed on almost exactly four years after this photo was taken, prompting my only return to the UK during my Mexican exile. So whilst it might be the oldest known photo of Mrs P and I together, it is also the last known photo of my dad and I in the same shot. Albeit by accident of reflection.


3 thoughts on “Upon Reflection

    • We wanted to see Vienna. It turned out that by far the cheapest way to do so was to fly and stay in Bratislava and then catch the train for day trips to Austria.

      Who the photographer was will forever remain a mystery. And the wanton drunkenness that brought about the upturned bottle – not me! I scarcely drink…


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