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I feel that I’m closer still to ditching my iMac as my primary photography processing machine. I’ve used my iPad Mini 4 a few times to process and upload my photos. I shot my recent trip to Cheddar in RAW to see how it handled the format. I imported them into the iPad and used Lightroom Mobile, rather than VSCO. The latter has some nice filters and produces some good results. But Lightroom Mobile is by far the more powerful tool for general organisation and processing. And both iPad, Lightroom and VSCO handled the RAW files just fine.

Adobe pissed me off a bit a couple of months ago. I thought I’d try and cut a few costs and decided Lightroom was a non essential £9.99 p/m luxury that could go. It turns out that the subscription is not a monthly rolling deal but an annual commitment, renewing every August. I’m sure it’s in the blurb I signed up to. I get it that they want at least 12 months custom and have a minimum term. But I’ve been a customer for years. I just think these sort of deals are a bit sneaky. You should be able to cancel anytime after the first year is done. It pisses me off. I’ve set the date in my calendar. Their deal is a deal breaker and I will be cancelling this year.

But the bastards still have the upper hand. I still want to use Lightroom Mobile with all the premium features I get from my subscription. That’ll go when I cancel. Or so I thought. Except, it turns out that there is Lightroom Mobile Premium subscription and it is a monthly deal via iTunes. It’s very poorly advertised – the only place I found any info about this is in the app’s details page in the App Store. At £4.49 p/m, it’s not cheap, but does come with 100gb of cloud storage. So I could cancel the monthly subs I pay both Google and Apple for cloud storage that I’d no longer need.

There’s still a few issues in Lightroom Mobile that slightly irk me. It won’t automatically use the file name as the photo title, which it then leaves blank. Unless I manually name it. Which is tiresome. And the tool to straighten images is way too sensitive. But I can’t wait to shell out a small fortune on the new iPad Pro when it comes out later this year, hopefully minus the bezels, and put it to full use as my primary – nay, sole – photograph processor. Then I can cancel that pesky Lightroom sub and start saving cash. I know – the irony isn’t lost on me.


6 thoughts on “iPad Photography

  1. You can still download Photoshop CS2 for free, and it’s non-subscription. I’m still using one that I paid for, and it works fine on Windows 7.

    I can’t imagine editing photos with my fingers on a touch screen. But then I haven’t tried either.

    Good luck, whatever you do.


    Kim G
    Redding, CA
    Where our photographic output is reaching new lows.


    • I very, very, very rarely use Photoshop. It’s included in my subscription, but I mostly just use Lightroom. Photoshop is something I use to create logos, like the Mexile one at the top. But there’s a ton of free programs that will do things like that just as well.

      You could argue that you can’t edit with your fingers with the same precision as you can with a mouse and cursor. And you’d be right. But precision isn’t usually required, except when straightening images…

      It’s actually quite satisfying, using an iPad for editing. But the big plus is the convenience.


      • Interesting. I’d have a very hard time editing photos with my fingers on a touch screen. I do a lot of tinkering with the edges of things, which requires precision. But maybe you missed my point, namely that you can get CS2 for free vs paying for Lightroom. But maybe you feel about CS2 like I feel about GIMP: free, yes, but still not very appealing. In any case, you’re getting great results however you choose to do so. Saludos.


        • Interesting. I’d have a very hard time editing photos with my fingers on a touch screen. I do a lot of tinkering with the edges of things, which requires precision.

          I think I was of a similar opinion before I got my iPad. And it took a while for me to take to it. But it might be worth your while giving it a go. It’s a different way of working, with pros and cons.

          As for Photoshop, I do get your point, but it really is a very different product to Lightroom. There’s a whole range of different programs that are free that I’d switch to rather than use Photoshop. RAW Therapee is a candidate. But I think I’d be happier with a new iPad and Lightroom Mobile. You do realise a lot of this is all about me convincing me that I need a new iPad, right…? Heh heh!

          We think alike regards GIMP…

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  2. Colm says:

    I like the convenience on the run that the iPad has. It’s gratifying to be able to send a photo from my camera to the app on the iPad and then to be able to tweak it add a couple effects such as straighten or crop and publish without much bother.. it’s quite seamless really but I’d love to have the advantages that Lightroom offer but I prefer to buy outright.
    Many years ago I bought a program to convert video 8 to video not realizing that in order to get the full benefit of the program you had to buy a whole slew of supporting dross and a supporting hard drive for all the versions which made it awkward and tedious and not what I had In mind at all. I hate being on the hook for any length of time.
    I don’t see myself abandoning a laptop or desktop mainly because of its storage ability and search capabilities. But where is there a truely safe storage facility where you can keep your memories anyway?


    • I can see myself using my iPad to process my photos, but I won’t be getting rid of my iMac. For one, like you say, storage.

      And as for video conversion…that has always been a ridiculously overly complicated nightmare!


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