Why do I like photography? Why that and not some other expression of creativity? The answer is simple. I can’t paint to save my life. See above. Yet I am better at painting than singing, playing musical instruments, dancing, acting or any other form of artistic creativity. So I take photographs. It’s easy. Let the camera and computer do the hard work, and then pass off its produce as my own.

But let me also tell you about Guanajuato. I’ve been twice, spending several days in that fabulous little city each time. What one word would I use to describe Guanajuato? Inspirational. Despite having no real interest in painting, and even less talent, I awoke every morning in Guanajuato wishing I could throw up an easel, reach for my brushes and start splashing a masterpiece on my canvas.

The town is so full of natural and man made beauty, blended together in an intoxicating mix of colour, texture, shadow and form, all of which is bathed in glorious sunlight and set against deep blue skies. It makes you want to be an artist. Just to fit in and have a purpose that is befitting of your surroundings. Perhaps this magical sense of inspiration is what helped make Diego Rivera what he became.

I created my non-masterpiece above on my iPad. It’s a Mini 4, so the Apple Pencil does not work with it. I used my fingers instead. It didn’t take long to do. I don’t need to be told that this is just as well. But it was therapeutic. I liked ‘painting’ it. I think I’d like to paint more. Practise makes perfect. Or at least, better. I will buy a new iPad Pro. And next time I am in Guanajuato, I will bring out my digital easel, wave my Apple Pencil like Harry Potter and produce something so magnificent that Diego himself would marvel at my artistic wonder. Or turn in his grave. One or the other.


8 thoughts on “Inspiration

  1. Guanajuato was on my list of “Cities to Live in for 6 Months before Buying a House” list. As you know, it did not quite work out that way. But I try to get there whenever I am in The Highlands.


    • I could live in Guanajuato for six months. Then another six months. And so on. It’s quite conveniently located for trips to CDMX, Guadalajara, the Pacific coast and elsewhere.

      Best of all, my electric devices would last a longer than you get out of them on the coast…


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