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Half Way House

Is this the future for Britain? Brexit – a half baked ideology, promoted by half wit Nigel, voted for by half the population, most of whom did so half heartedly, half cocked negotiations, cheered on by a half-brained foreign secretary – and we’re not even quite half the way through the Article 50 timeframe. But do you want to know what really worries me? What should worry everybody, Remainer and Brexiter alike? The Conservative party has not a clue how to implement Brexit. Not a single clue. The front benches resort to waffle to desperately avoid anything of substance, fact or import for fear of upsetting their own back benches. The back benches split their time between insisting on policies which are either economically catastrophic or simply undoable, and threatening a coup if their will is not obeyed.

The cabinet have not stopped infighting for long enough to answer the question ‘what sort of relationship do we want with the EU’. They have come face to face with the reality of Brexit – it is an ideology. An impractical ideology. And the clock to March 2019 ticks on. It is an age old British problem, really. As a nation, we have always seen ourselves as part of Europe, whilst also separate from it. Now we have a government trying to formulate a coherent workable policy based on this contradiction. Alas, we can’t be half in, half out in some sort of permanent transitional half-way house.


6 thoughts on “Half Way House

  1. norm says:

    The footdraging is intentenal. If you are not ready, how can you leave? That is and has been the plan for quite some time. It sounds a bit corked, poured out in a shallow drinking bowl in some back office den but that is the plan. They are afraid to say what the plan is but need not for the weight of what’s right will bare through. They are hiding behind what appears impompentence but doing little or nothing can work as well as anything in this policy fandango.

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    • I’m not as convinced as you that govt policy is so contrived as to deliberately avoid Brexit happening. Indeed, doing ‘nothing’ could just as well see us crash out. Although don’t be entirely surprised if Article 50 ends up being extended.

      The ultra Brexiters threaten a coup, regularly, but never go through with it. There’s a simple reason for that. Whilst they have sufficient numbers to cause the government difficulty and to even bring it down, they do not have anything close to sufficient support to actually form a government themselves. They’d collapse in next to no time, a new election would probably entail and that could potentially stop Brexit from happening.

      So they sit there on the back benches spouting nonsense instead. A couple of examples of their ill informed policy for you. They’d like to fall back on WTO trade and strike sectoral free trade deals. Which is against WTO rules, but hey ho. They also argue that we can just leave without a deal, go to WTO and that the nothing would change but the tariffs, which would apparentlybe advantageous to us. We’d still have full access to the EU market. This too, of course, is nonsense. Non tariff barriers don’t exist if you’re a Brexiter, it seems…


  2. Colm says:

    Since when did Britain obey rules? They wrote them down in sand close to the water line and then changed them as the tide arose. It’s always been like that with England. Her enemies understand this as they have been dealing with that kind of diplomacy for centuries. I say enemies as our allies are really all our enemies combined with a similar goal and as long as everyone plays along and hold hands the chain will remain unbroken. The problems arise when one in the party goes too far.
    With Brexit it’s not that it is unplanned as such it’s just easier to let it unfold to see the opposition’s hand then change the game. The reality of course is that the game is fixed but only a handful of players are in the know. In this day and age we expect results within google seconds but the game they are playing is an age old game similar to chess and the main players are as far apart as is humanly possible. The mode of decision making is by semaphore and although the code is simple it is open to corruption as the main players speak in different tongues and interpretation.
    It’s only a matter of time..


    • One of the other problems with Brexit is that several dozen players are making the moves in what is really a two player game. It may all be fixed. But which of the dozens of fixes will still be standing when the music stops in March next year?


  3. Colm says:

    Gary it’s a play within a play and don’t be too focussed on next March. Within government there are two sides to the one coin. The first is the one you see, the clowns and the puppets and the second is the one that grinds away endlessly the shadow government this is where the makers and shakers reside in Whitehall. They make things happen they are the manipulators. Sometimes they can’t control everything or there is a change in the hierarchy and sometimes they allow things to happen. It’s part of the game and they are in for the long haul. March is only something to stare at to incur panic or initiate a frenzy of sorts to cause instability in the markets perhaps.
    Brexit isn’t something you can do in two years. Britain’s hand has been in the coffers of the common market for close to fifty years. It will be ten years before they untangle the wires behind the copier and another ten before they find the keys to the cabinet. It’s all smoke and mirrors, what I’d like to know is what are they hiding behind the curtain?


    • Labour have finally (to Coryn’s intense chagrin, I’m sure) come out with a policy to stay in the Customs Union. They need just seven Tories to vote with them on an amendment. It is plausible that this may pass to be the move that brings down the government. But it may not. We will continue to have to play the ‘wait and see’ game. Meanwhile, the clock in Brussels keeps ticking. Tick tock…


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