I’m not talking about the Peoples Front of Judea. Nor the Judean Peoples Front. Nor even the Judean Popular Peoples Front. Splitters though they all are. I’m talking about RyanAir. The question has recently been asked, are airlines splitting up groups of travellers deliberately in order to make a bit of extra cash by forcing passengers to pay to book specific seats? I can answer that question, with the image above. The answer is yes. I do, after all, have two free seats next to me.

RyanAir denies doing any such thing. It is, they say, the luck of the draw. The draw being a new system which randomly allocates seating. I’m not sure how I feel about this. It is a little bit mean, for sure. But on the other hand, we all have what we paid for. But it seems a bit off to introduce a new system which they know will in all likelihood split groups up, then to deny that they intentionally do so.

I’m not paying up. Mrs P and Mrs Z are sat close enough together to not be a problem. And I have a seat which will allow me to watch an episode or two of Star Trek: Discovery without being disturbed. Nor will I have to share my complimentary packet of otters noses and badger spleens.



2 thoughts on “Splitters

    • Monty Python is the gift that keeps on giving when it comes to cultural references. I’ve been at it again today. Just can’t help myself.

      Seeing as you’re looking for a new photographic tool, I tested the robustness of Fuji’s camera range and lenses for you this week. I tossed my shooter a couple of feet in the air allowing it a good seven foot drop onto solid concrete. It landed on the lens – worst possible angle – sending the cap in one direction, the battery in another. Barely a scratch and still works just fine. I declare Fuji to be Steve proof.

      An alternative account of this incident, one that most bystanders would testify to, is that my wrist strap broke on an upswing. But I think the first story is of a more noble and generous nature. So I’ll stick to that one…


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